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The Round table Episode One; Part Two – Video Games

Toward the end of last year, BJ gathered Shadow Akuma, Maxwell Knight and Reno to talk about Movies and Video games. The first part is located here and this is the second part of the episode. Seeing how we started with this one, I figured we end the mid-season with this part.

D Saint Radio Podcast Episode 51 – Android lil Wayne

D Saint Radio is back with another season! Continue reading D Saint Radio Podcast Episode 51 – Android lil Wayne

E3 2013 Conference Report Card: The big Three

The  smoke has cleared and the last of the conferences has happen. As like last time, I’m here to tell you who has failed, who has pass the class with flying colour and who’s going to work at your local Micky D’s to save up to go to two more classes. I know that sucked but’s early in the  morning. Now, I’m only doing the Big Three — Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft– this year because of streams and the lack there of but really that’s all that matters right now.


What Worked

The Big N decided to do something different this time by forgoing the usual press event by doing a Nintendo direct — their way of giving updates to the Nintendo community– for E3. While many would say that it takes the excitement out, I would say it helped it develop it more. There were moments that I did question it (see “What didn’t work”), I didn’t have too much of a problem watching it. It also allowed the Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata to do the whole press event which was also a nice change of pace. Sure there was no “My Body is Ready” moments but it also meant that we didn’t have to sit through demos that didn’t work or awkward everything. What we did get is games.

We got a new trailer for Bayonetta 2 to which say witch is sporting a new outfit and hair style. Not only that but they showed off game play which still hold true to the cray style of the first game. There were also trailers for a new donkey Kong Country to which I say THANK YOU! Give your other high profile mascots some face time. And as always, Wind Waker HD is looking awesome. Oh and NEW SMASH BROS!!!!!!!1!!!! With some strange new fighters such as Villager from Animal Crossing, Fit Girl from Wii Fit and The Blue Bomber himself, Megaman. So that’s where Capcom has been hiding him.

What didn’t work

Like I said, Nintendo had their press event online which came with some problems. It could have been from my end but others were having trouble as well getting a good feed. Other than that Nintendo came, they talked and nobody was mad. Well, at least I wasn’t mad.

Nintendo – B+ (They delivered on what they were going to do and well, can’t get mad at that.)


Last month, Microsoft took the world by storm with the announcement of the Xbox One. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t the storm they were hoping for with the talks of Always Online DRM and Used Games headaches. The reveal event didn’t help either with the talk of TV stuffs and sports. E3 was their chance to win back the ‘core crowd and remain king of their domain. Did they?

What Worked

While Nintendo had more good to offset the bad, ‘Soft had more bad to over the good. They did release a new look for the Xbox 360 which makes it look like their next-gen system. Other announcements were a new program in which Xbox Live Gold members will be receiving two free games every month (this month, Fable III is free as a start) until the release of Xbox One; when one person has Xbox Gold, people on the same system will have XBG as well and they finally did away with their Microsoft points in favor of real money.

On the games front, Halo was announced as…Halo; THEY FINALLY ANNOUNCED KILLER INSTINCT 3! They showed off Metal Gear Solid V (not gonna lie, it looks awesome). RYSE, which was first announced for the 360 is now on Xbox One and Quantum Break which will also have a TV  show sister a la Defiance. There is also some strange game called ‘D4’ and Project Spark both of which look cool. Speaking of strange and cool SUNSET OVERDRIVE LOOK IT UP.

What Didn’t work

No. Nope. Negative.

While there were some stuff that I was excited for — New Killer Instinct!! — Xbox Live Gold Members are getting free games! REAL MONIES instead of MICROSFOT MOON BUCKS!–it was once again screwed by the ‘fine print’ that happened when they announced the thing. That new K.I. 3 that is coming out? Free to play with only one fighter for free. The free games? Two Per month until December (let’s hope not). There was also the issues of the DRM which ‘Soft could have touched on but didn’t but hey, who needs talk of your rights as a consumer when you have Halo? Not only that but they finally dropped a price…of $499.

They have a tough season ahead and I hope they can pull though it unscratched.

Microsoft: F (They could have done more. They should have done more but nothing screams ‘Day One’)


What worked

When the PS3 was announced, everyone laughed at it’s price. When the price for the PS4 was announced ($399), everyone lost their shit. It doesn’t hurt also that Sony won’t be doing any type of DRM at all.  Your PS+ will now follow you to your PS3, PS4 and Vita with all the same perks coming along as well.

Game side of things, there are going to be a lot of indie games on hand for the launch coming in December. Knack, Drive Club and Killzone: Shadow Fall were all shown again but other titles such as The Order: 1886 (steam punk meets werewolves?), Mad Max (Yeah, that), Kingdom Hearts III (IT’S HAPPENING) and Final Fantasy Versus 13 Final Fantasy XV (that looks awesome) and last but not least, The Elder Scrolls: Online will be coming to the PS4 or consoles in general. There were also game play for Bungie’s Destiny which will be their first multi-platform game since leaving ‘Soft. While it is multi, there will be exclusive stuff happening for the Sony crowd  that is yet to be known.

What didn’t work

One thing and one thing only which could be small or huge depending on how you feel: PS+ might be required to play online on the PS4. Nothing has been officially said but all signs are pointing to that. Honestly, it’s a better deal than Xbox Live Gold with the whole discounts and free games. With it being $5 a month for the service, it’s on par price wise with Microsoft’s offering but you are getting a lot more.

Sony: A (Sony was able to bounce back and if it’s any indication from the press event, they are going to have a lot of new users coming this year.)

There you have it, that’s who I think won but who do you think won? What system will you be getting this hoilday season? Let me know in the comments below OR hit us up on our tumblr. We will be doing a recording this week and will be talking about E3 for a bit.

D Saint Radio Podcast Episode 23 – Comma New Wii U Part 2: [1st Part of the Trilogy]

fINAL, Maxwell Knight, and myself give you episode 23 of the podcast. Ziven, Val and U.K. all had stuff to do and they left us with the mic to make a podcast baby  an episode without them. We talk news, Wii U, Batman, the new Devil May Cry, Cloud Atlas, Skyfall, Wreck it Ralph and what ever else we can think of to fill in time. #TwoGuysandABi

Download Episode 23


Short Change Hero by The Heavy

Only by Nine Inch Nails

Living in a Dream by Finger Eleven


While Val didn’t make it to the show, he wanted me to mention MC Lars and I fight Dragons. Both links lead to songs I dig from them when I went searching. MC Lars EP, Edgar Allan Poe EP ,is out now  and I fight Dragon’s KABOOM! is also out.

The War for ‘Next-Gen’ may have won.

This is a short post and maybe not even worth posting but until the rest of The Crew or you tell me not to do this any more: This is my blog. Get your Own. Ha.

Anyway, I watched Jimquisition, a video soapbox in which Destructoid editor Jim Sterling talks about the big news in gaming. He makes some really great points on a variety of topics and if you haven’t watched it, you need to. This, I guess you can say, episode made some really good points on the upcoming Wii U and how Nintendo may have won the battle between what ever Sony and Microsoft are going to come out with. Main big point is that while the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are pushing for their respective systems to be the next big media hub, the Wii U is mainly toting their games. Yes, they do have Nintendo TVii but their main focus is the games, Anyway, watch/listen to the video and tell me what you think.

Even here at DSR, we feel the same way with how games are starting to take the back burner now that they are able to do so much more. While that is nice and a convenience for most folks, but Microsoft already made it’s stance clear the way they push the Games section further away. Something to think about and talk about with others for sure.