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It’s been real, WordPress.

D Saint Radio was founded way back on Halloween when, lonely and wanted to do something,  decided to grab a simple mic and talk about stuff I liked. Knowing that I need a website or blog, I tried a number of them finally settling here on WordPress.

It serve me well, and there are some good post to be found here before we just used it has a somewhat hosting ground for the shows but it’s time to move on.

This was a somewhat hard decision but one that I hope will make D Saint Radio a little better to deal with on my side. Updating two blogs is hard work as I am really the only one that does any upkeep. That’s not to say the crew hasn’t been helping me and they will have a little more hands on with the new(ish) blog but people are busy.

Speaking of the newish blog, we will be putting more our energy with the tumblr. New episodes will be up on the tumblr and I will begin the process of adding in the rest of the older ones to the tumblr.

This isn’t going to happen over night but since we are on a break, I hope it doesn’t take too long and be up and ready by the time we start the podcast back up.


Good bye WordPress. It’s been real.

s07e08 – Why are We like This?

Sorry again guys, I got sick again. Since I’m the only audio editor for the OG Podcast, you will have to deal with my whims. Either that or I kidnap someone to edit the podcast. I’ll feed them, promise. I’ll have more meta stuff up later this week but for now enjoy this (VERY) late episode of the podcast with me, Maxwell Knight, Ziven and Reno.

s07e07 – Straight 7s Part One

Welcome back to another episode of D saint Radio now on time.  (Sorry guys, I got sick when editing this episode.) In this episode, Maxwell sings a song to Ziven, we talk about Bojack of Bojack Horseman being a terrible person…er horse, Ziven talks about speeding dating at Fan Expo.

This was an extra long episode so to do everyone a favor, I spit the episode in two. The first part is us taking about our week and part 2 (released very soon) has us taking the news, the con and a bunch of other stuff. No Opening because I am a goober!

Music Recs

Good Grief by Bastille [spotify][youtube] AGE GATED FOR REASONS]

Daft Punk Medley – Pentatonix [youtube]

Zero Gravity – perfume [youtube]

Play the Game (Triple H) – Mega Ran [youtube]

Shameless Plugs

Datto doing a 12 man raid in Destiny Part 1

The Get Down on Netflix

WWE Slam Crate (Not an AD)

s07e04 – This is Weird

Destiny, The Great Wall, The Ps4 version of Fallout 4’s mod woes are on topic today as well as other things. Also as of note, I did something different  to this episode and will be doing it in later episodes.




Steve and Larson


MxR Mods

Song Suggestions

Note: All Links are on Youtube unless stated other wise

It’s Over (isn’t it) – Steven Universe

Wake Up Call – Nothing But Thieves [Spotify][Youtube]

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy [Will Update with Link Soon!]

The Eyes Of The Rising Sun – RavenCyarm


Episode 67 – That E3 Episode Pt. 1

First off, sorry for the long wait. I had to figure out where to put the edit to cut this, then I got a little sick. It’s cool, I’m cool. The main thing is that the episode is done.  Now, I had to split the episode into two parts as to our new format. This first half of the podcast has us taking about our week and answering your questions in the DSR Inbox.

Download here (31.9 mb)


Do you think Hans Zimmer is turning into the John Williams of the 21st Century?

What world do you each want Square Enix to include in Kingdom Hearts III?

This question is for Ziven and MetaBaron! Since you guys didn’t like Man of Steel, what are some things you’d like to see done in “Dawn of Justice” to give you hope for the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe?

Now that Jurassic World is out and some (if not all) of you have seen it, relevant question! What is your favorite dinosaur?

Quickfire (Because Reno asked for it)!: The Lost World or Jurassic Park III? Civil War or Dawn of Justice? SyFy’s Alice or SyFy’s Tin Man? Zechs Merquise or Char Aznable? Kyoryuger or Dino Charge? Regarding E3: Sony or Microsoft? Hunger Games or Divergent? Darth Bane or Darth Plagueis?Cake or Death?