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S07e09 – Coffee?

Another late episode? I know, I know. Sorry. Life has been a little crazy. Had to recharge the batteries and what not. Don’t worry, here is the episode!

In it, Maxwell, Reno and myself play a game of which Black TV show we would get rid of (while placing our respects for a fallen actor of course), talk about Luke Cage and a bunch of other stuff.



Episode 62 – I feel like I’ll run into Hentai

Whoo, I made the episode come out on time.  on time. Yay me! (A/N:  So, Internet Archive went down for maintenance when I was uploading it. Sorry for the late episode but this time it wasn’t because laziness.


Right Click and choose 'save as'
Right Click and choose ‘save as’

Anyway, We talk about a certain show with thrones being released in China, Rocky Horror being remade for tv and if we rather deal with Frank Miller or Mark Millar.

Questions (on Ask.fm or Twitter)

Now that you guys have PS4’s, what’s the verdict on Bloodborne? When will we see you play it?

Are any of you reading any books? If so, what are you reading?

Quickfire: Matilda or Madeline? Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Frank Miller or Mark Millar? Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul? Cool World or Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Crispy M&M’s or Peanut Butter M&M’s?


A Random assortment of music from the Shadow Akuma collection.


Episode 58 – Avenging Spider-mens

Power Rangers, BIG Marvel news and a bunch of other stuff on the show!

Continue reading Episode 58 – Avenging Spider-mens

Podcast Episode 50 – But That’s None of My Business

In our 3rd (3rd? 4th? One of those) season finale, The Crew comes together to talk about Pacific Rim 2, Maleficent being a thing and some how still talking about Xmen: Days of Future Past. Come on people, it’s okay to give up on trying to save the movie, it’s okay. Continue reading Podcast Episode 50 – But That’s None of My Business

Podcast Episode 45 – Hail Hydra

Sorry for the long wait, I have been busy as of late with things…most of it Skyrim and Devil Survivor. But that is beside the point because in this episode we are joined by Kurena, a new guest, as we talk about Little Baby Ice Cream, Son of Batman, a Brand New Dish and a bunch of other stuff.

[audio https://archive.org/download/Episode45_20140430/Episode%2045.mp3]


Music ( Not in any order)

Around the World Vs. Bust a move – Daft Punk vs. Young MC
She’s so Cool – Tone P
Treat me Like a Pirate – Turquoise Jeep
Spies – Dealership

Shameless Plugs

Little Baby’s Ice Cream Ad

Kid’s React Series by The Fine Bros.


The Warden’s Origins