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s07e10 – Cat on a hot tin Roof

On this episode of D Saint Radio that also has cats, Final returns as well as Ziven. We talk about what not to give teachers, weird ass weeks and a bunch of other stuff. Don’t forget to ask us questions right here!

No Shameless Plugs because this episode recording time was 4hrs long. Don’t worry, the run time of this episode is under that. Also, keep an eye on our twitter, facebook and tumblr for some polls.

ALSO ALSO, if you are of the Detroit area, I’ll be going to Youmacon on Friday (as a regular con goer). I’ll be wearing my pikachu hat there, so say hi.

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Kanojo No Koibite (My Lover)

Da Ya Like – Childish Gambino

The Weeknd – Star Boy x Survive – Stranger Things Theme (C418 Remix) Stranger Boy

I’m on One (Kevin Figs) – Kevin Figs Piano Version

Okay Square, this is the step in the right direction: Kingdom Hearts getting HD Remake.

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A Countdown to The World Ends With You 2?

Leave it to Square to keep my ass awake when updating a laptop. Well, news is news.

A webpage from the Square Enix Japanese webpage  (it has sound!) has a mysterious countdown that I’m guessing started yesterday and is counting down toward this Saturday. The clocks font , further investigation of the sites URL slash word, subaseka, and background have all lead to the conclusion that there will be an announcement about the Nintendo DS title The World Ends With You. Now, I could be wrong but let’s check the facts.

Subaseka is actually part of the original Japanese title of the game Subarashiki Kono Sekai. The song that you are hearing on the site is actually a remix of the song “Calling” which was in the soundtrack in the game and the font on the clock matches the font for the game.

It’s not really a surprise as the creators of the TWEWY added Neku and the gang in the latest Kingdom Hearts, even giving them full voice roles. Not only that, TETSUYA NOMURA has stated that he would like to revisit the world of the game in a sequel. Maybe Kingdom Hearts did well enough to do so.

Well, we won’t know till the clock strikes zero to which I hope I don’t find out that I’m in some “other” Detroit and I’ve been playing the Reaper Game . That would suck.