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People Being Jerks + Chou Anime Maid Cafe

Please read this tumblr post to understand the full context of this entry.

Disclaimer First: Here at D Saint Radio we refrain from posting overly political or serious content, not because we’re uninterested or uninformed, but because that’s not what our show is about and we’d rather not get caught in the “what you believe vs. what I believe” argument. We all believe in different things for separate reasons and outside of gaming reviews and fandom preferences we just don’t talk about those things here.

We handle geeky interests and news, and we’re sticking to that.

The above post, however, is important to us because it’s happening in our city.

Those of you who keep up with us and actually bother to read our sidebar you’ll know that we hail from the city of Detroit, MI. We’re not going to get into debates about how good or bad the city is, but we can tell you that the Crew here at D Saint Radio don’t hate Detroit.

Chou Anime Cafe is a Maid Cafe that has recently opened near downtown. Ziven has been there before and she says that the staff is lovely. She’s also acquainted with the owner through volunteer hours at the library, where she used to work and where Ziven used to volunteer. It’s a lovely establishment and most customers we’ve spoken to say that everyone is professional and yet friendly and bubbly.

We understand that Maid Cafes are traditional to Japan, but lately Chou Anime has been receiving a lot of hate for their efforts at a Maid Cafe. Many of the commentary on their videos or posts (even on tumblr) have been about the skin color of the maids, their height and weight and in some cases merely the fact that they aren’t Japanese.

As a group of African Americans spearheading a small group ourselves, we very strongly resent those comments, especially those concerning the fact that many of (though not all) of the maids are African American. Not trying to be a stickler for race rights here, but people are people regardless of their skin color or history, and we feel that this is absurd. As a few of the maids and fans have eloquently put it, “If you don’t like it, don’t watch or visit”. And it’s that simple.

When it gets to the point that /a/ is talking about it in a negative way, that’s not a good sign for how large groups of people in this country are thinking today. It’s quite backward and nonsensical.


But this is an entirely separate matter and we just wanted to make our position on this clear. We would feel the same way if the shop were run by Koreans or the French or Scandinavians or Ghengis Khan; or if the shop were run by Klingons (though I’m not sure how much business that sort of place would have), or Bronies or Demons (Inuyasha! — KAGOME!), Narnians, the FREAKIN’ SOUL SOCIETY or Barney or NINJAS; or if it were run by any other particular race or group.

Bottom Line: Racism is not cool, dudes. The business is run well and that’s what really matters.

So if you’re a fan of trying new things, bold entrepreneurship, anime and cute girls dressing as Maids, please follow Chou Anime Cafe’s tumblr or visit them on facebook and please send them as much encouragement as possible. It’s difficult doing something so bold in an area that isn’t used to that sort of style.

If you’re another peculiar group, business or style that’s working hard to be accepted in Detroit, this message applies to you, too.

With “Love”, “Tolerance”, “Justice!”, “I can’t believe people are that stupid” and “THEY GOT A CAFE, D SAINT RADIO WANT A CAFE TOO!”,

7(♥), Shadow, Valiastice, final and Maxwell
{D Saint Radio Crew}

U.S.: 1, Japan: ?,???,∞

According to this article over at Kotaku, the Japanese are very upset over the rising trend of painting anime-esque eyes over closed lids. Well, not upset, but freaked out, for lack of a better word. On some message boards it’s been referred to as ‘scary’ or ‘freaky’.

There are a couple things that this article taught me today, guys. It’s that:

1. This is a new ‘fashion’ or something like that. I disagree. A lot. It’s freaky over here, too.

2. Apparently this was started by Lady Gaga. I don’t know anything about her because I don’t listen to her music or watch her videos, but apparently she began this style in one of them. Nicki Minaj (who I have heard is on some strange Harujuku vibes right now), who I also don’t know much about is also furthering this trend.

3. The Japanese are capable of being freaked out.

I’m going to be honest with this one: I didn’t think it was possible. As much as i love Japan some parts of it, much like the Western U.S. are a strange magical place where most people don’t live on purpose.

Except in Japan, people do live there on purpose. It’s rather difficult not to when your country is extremely overpopulated.

In any case, it’s about time to even the score. While mainstream manga can be cool and age appropriate, once you start exploring other genres it gets weird. I know people who have been turned off to anime completely after exploring some corners of the internet.

And let’s not forget, the Japanese are responsible for 4chan the Internet’s Toilet. It’s an important thing to note.

I’ve gotten used to seeing these things now and just thinking, oh you, Japan, or only in Japan… and occasionally what the fuck is wrong with those people?

At times, though, it’s especially difficult because doujin and manga are my preferred variety of porn. Sometimes a book will be really, really great and then…

You see that thing.

That one thing, the one detail or illustration or that one statement a character makes that ruins everything, and you think: oh god how am I going to finish fapping now? or sometimes even well, fuck. I’m just going to go to bed because it’s just not happening after this. Then you have to go through to try to find another story that will make things a bit better for you. Sometimes I do end up just actually going to bed because – well, it’s been ruined. What’s the point?

All I can find myself thinking as of right now, with everything taken into consideration is:


It’s inconsequential in the torrent of strange technological advancements the Japanese have made, but it’s something. It’s a start. It’s nice to know that something can freak them out every once in a while, I think.

With love,