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The Round table Episode One; Part Two – Video Games

Toward the end of last year, BJ gathered Shadow Akuma, Maxwell Knight and Reno to talk about Movies and Video games. The first part is located here and this is the second part of the episode. Seeing how we started with this one, I figured we end the mid-season with this part.

Episode 67 – That E3 Episode Pt. 2

In the 2nd part of our episode, The Crew talks about what they liked and didn’t like about E3. Maxwell also has two movie reviews – Inside out and Jurassic World.


Download Here (73.8mb)

And HERP DERP goes 7.


I’m so sorry guys! While I was making my Movie Review Rubric Post, I accidentally all the episodes! *cries*

(for those of who don’t speak internet, I deleted all of the episode posts)

I was attempting to get all of the stickied pages off of the blog so that it would show our most recent posts >.< and I didn’t realize that the list of stickied posts were the actual posts, not just a list detailing which ones were stickied!

That means that we’ll be re-vamping all of our episode descriptions and links, so you’ll be seeing a lot of reposts of our episodes. If you’re new, I guess that this is a good thing, but I feel so bad about it.

I’m such a naughty girl.


~Ziven (with apologies!)

D Saint Radio Mini #1: 60 Seconds of Time

You ever try doing a podcast? It’s hard and there no fringe benefits with doing something from the ground up (not having some site to back you up doesn’t get you into clubs for free) nor can you count on your “friends” (believe me on this, you wouldn’t believe the asses who just won’t support. I love you guys, well, some of you, but come on.) Continue reading D Saint Radio Mini #1: 60 Seconds of Time

Supreme Court’s ruling on Video Games…

Today is a good day people. Well, people that play video games. Common Sense won and the people who are making a panic are now sad (I think). Let me rewind back.

Back in 2005, then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, sign a bill created by Leland Yee that try to go into that opposed the sale of violent games to minors and could fine retailers up to $1,000 for each violation. A federal appeals court, stop that from becoming law and so The Governator went to court in the highest of courts — The Supreme court. They said in 2010 that they will take a second look into it and have their ruling. Today was that day. As reported by IGN.com, the Supreme court ruled, in a 7-2 decision, that video games fall under the First Amendment. You can read more, such as statements from both fronts and more in the link above.