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s07e10 – Cat on a hot tin Roof

On this episode of D Saint Radio that also has cats, Final returns as well as Ziven. We talk about what not to give teachers, weird ass weeks and a bunch of other stuff. Don’t forget to ask us questions right here!

No Shameless Plugs because this episode recording time was 4hrs long. Don’t worry, the run time of this episode is under that. Also, keep an eye on our twitter, facebook and tumblr for some polls.

ALSO ALSO, if you are of the Detroit area, I’ll be going to Youmacon on Friday (as a regular con goer). I’ll be wearing my pikachu hat there, so say hi.

ALSO ALSO ALSO, There might be something extra posted on our tumblr. You should keep up with it.


Kanojo No Koibite (My Lover)

Da Ya Like – Childish Gambino

The Weeknd – Star Boy x Survive – Stranger Things Theme (C418 Remix) Stranger Boy

I’m on One (Kevin Figs) – Kevin Figs Piano Version

S07e09 – Coffee?

Another late episode? I know, I know. Sorry. Life has been a little crazy. Had to recharge the batteries and what not. Don’t worry, here is the episode!

In it, Maxwell, Reno and myself play a game of which Black TV show we would get rid of (while placing our respects for a fallen actor of course), talk about Luke Cage and a bunch of other stuff.



s07e08 – Why are We like This?

Sorry again guys, I got sick again. Since I’m the only audio editor for the OG Podcast, you will have to deal with my whims. Either that or I kidnap someone to edit the podcast. I’ll feed them, promise. I’ll have more meta stuff up later this week but for now enjoy this (VERY) late episode of the podcast with me, Maxwell Knight, Ziven and Reno.

s07e07 – Straight 7s Part One

Welcome back to another episode of D saint Radio now on time.  (Sorry guys, I got sick when editing this episode.) In this episode, Maxwell sings a song to Ziven, we talk about Bojack of Bojack Horseman being a terrible person…er horse, Ziven talks about speeding dating at Fan Expo.

This was an extra long episode so to do everyone a favor, I spit the episode in two. The first part is us taking about our week and part 2 (released very soon) has us taking the news, the con and a bunch of other stuff. No Opening because I am a goober!

Music Recs

Good Grief by Bastille [spotify][youtube] AGE GATED FOR REASONS]

Daft Punk Medley – Pentatonix [youtube]

Zero Gravity – perfume [youtube]

Play the Game (Triple H) – Mega Ran [youtube]

Shameless Plugs

Datto doing a 12 man raid in Destiny Part 1

The Get Down on Netflix

WWE Slam Crate (Not an AD)

S07E05 – Sing Bros.

Maxwell, Reno and Myself talk about Destiny (again), our Week, Black Cosplayers and a bunch of other stuff.

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