s07e08 – Why are We like This?

Sorry again guys, I got sick again. Since I’m the only audio editor for the OG Podcast, you will have to deal with my whims. Either that or I kidnap someone to edit the podcast. I’ll feed them, promise. I’ll have more meta stuff up later this week but for now enjoy this (VERY) late episode of the podcast with me, Maxwell Knight, Ziven and Reno.

s07e07 – Straight 7’s Part Two

Welcome back to another episode of D saint Radio now on time.  (Sorry guys, I got sick when editing this episode.) In this episode, Maxwell sings a song to Ziven, we talk about Bojack of Bojack Horseman being a terrible person…er horse, Ziven talks about speeding dating at Fan Expo.

This was an extra long episode so to do everyone a favor, I split the episode in two. The first part is us taking about our week with the questions you sent us and part 2 (released very soon) has us taking the news, the con and a bunch of other stuff.

Music Recs

Good Grief by Bastille [spotify][youtube] AGE GATED FOR REASONS]

Daft Punk Medley – Pentatonix [youtube]

Zero Gravity – perfume [youtube]

Play the Game (Triple H) – Mega Ran [youtube]

Shameless Plugs

Datto doing a 12 man raid in Destiny Part 1

The Get Down on Netflix

WWE Slam Crate (Not an AD)

s07e04 – This is Weird

Destiny, The Great Wall, The Ps4 version of Fallout 4’s mod woes are on topic today as well as other things. Also as of note, I did something different  to this episode and will be doing it in later episodes.




Steve and Larson


MxR Mods

Song Suggestions

Note: All Links are on Youtube unless stated other wise

It’s Over (isn’t it) – Steven Universe

Wake Up Call – Nothing But Thieves [Spotify][Youtube]

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy [Will Update with Link Soon!]

The Eyes Of The Rising Sun – RavenCyarm


s07e03 – Back in My Day

Reno, Maxwell, Ziven, BJ, and myself talk about Pokemon Go, some of Comic-Con, an anime we can’t talk about without spoiling it and more.

Continue reading s07e03 – Back in My Day

s07e02 – Sh** Don’t Work

I believe I owe you a podcast. Sorry for the long wait guys, this one was a biggie editing wise. But don’t worry, it is worth it but in doing so, I won’t have the episodes up just yet on our Youtube channel just yet. They will be (hopefully) up later this week.

In this episode of the D Saint Radio Podcast, we talk about Meta Barron quitting Destiny, Mighty No. 9’s…release, Capcom messing up Street Fighter V and many, many more.



Our Question Box


Readus 101 (Again)

History Behind The Warrior


Overwatch Central


Don’t Let Me Down – The Chain Smokers feat. Daya [Spotify] [Youtube]

Sex With Me – Rihanna [Spotify] [Youtube]

Fire Type – Shofu [Youtube]

Yes and No – Set the Charge [Spotify] [Youtube]

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