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Here you can get to know a bit about the people behind the voices/articles and get a glimpse into some of our interests. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to let us know through email or on tumblr!


Name: Shadow Akuma

Nicknames: Kuma-Matata, God Dammit Akuma

Role in DSR: I am one of the hosts, audio editor and somewhat webmaster of all D Saint Radio. Pretty much: if it has the name ‘D Saint Radio’ on the page, I’m usually the person behind the screen.

Interests: Anime, Music (mostly stuff people haven’t/won’t listen), TV shows, Movies, and my bread and butter being in Video Games. I may not have the systems to play all games, but I read too much not to know anything about what’s relevant.

3 Likes: Alexisonfire (Band), FLCL (Anime), Silent Hill (video game series)

3 Dislikes: Harem Anime (I know I’m a perv, but come on), Assholes (I still stand by this), doing the same thing over and over again (Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?)

3 Things I’m into right now: Songza (It’s like Pandora, but better), Stumbleupon (I really don’t know why I was late to that site. Best place to go to for new websites to lerk), Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (IT IS ANOTHER WORLD!).

3 Favorite Music Genres: Indie Rock, Dubstep, Hip-Hop

3 Songs I like from Each: From Finner (Of Monsters and Men); First of the year (Equinox); Familiar Faces (Rhymefest).

Personal saying: “Most things get better when I kick them…” –Spike, Cowboy Bebop

A few words: I’m just a regular guy that pushed to keep this podcast together. I am very humbled and honored that you are even reading this. I hope to keep this show running for a nice while, so enjoy the ride. 😀

Website/Contact: akumasaint@gmail.com. My personal tumblr is shadowfirestyle.tumblr.com, I am also on twitter under the name akumaknight


Name: Maxwell C. Knight

Nickname: Mighty Max

Role in DSR: Commentator, Reviewer

Interests: Movies, books, comic books, anime, western animation, writing

3 Likes: Kingdom Hearts, Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, L.A. Noire

3 Dislikes: God of War, God of War II, God of War III

3 Things I’m Into Right Now: Fitness, D&D, The Glitch Mob

3 Favorite Music Genres: Alternative Rock, J-Pop, 80’s Rock

3 Songs I Like From Each: Best of You (Foo Fighters), Kirakuni (Crystal Kay), Jump (Van Halen)

Personal Saying: If you don’t sin, Jesus died for nothing.

A Few Words: Hey, this is Maxwell. I hope everyone enjoys the podcasts we have to offer. This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for you, our listeners, and we greatly appreciate you! ^^


Name: Valiastice

Nicknames: Val

Role in DSR: Game Reviewer mostly. When singing is happening I’m the random stuff sayer.

Interests: Anime, Games, Armoursmithing. (Yes. Seriously) Also Voice acting.

3 Likes: League of Legends, Mind In a Box, and Izze Soda Pop

3 Dislikes: Mayonnaise, indecipherable Death Metal, Cream Cheese.

3 Things I’m into right now: Dust Force, Blak Opz, Wakfu

3 Favorite Music Genres: Synthpop, Vocal Trance, and Rock

3 Songs I like from each: Certainty (Mind In A Box), Obvious (Lange), Swamped (Lacuna Coil)

Personal saying: Why?! ‘CAUSE JUSTICE!

A few words: I’d like to thank everyone for listening in and making our show more fun and interesting by asking us questions. This Podcast would not be where it is today where it not for everyone listening. Thank you all.


Name: Ziven

Nicknames: Ziv, Zen, 7 (in writing), 777 (in my head)

Role in DSR: I’m an occasional writer for the blog, resident romance addict and that person who makes every conversation awkward by equating it to a sexual innuendo. I also proofread for the group (when I can), help with page layouts and generally organize. Shadow needs someone to keep him up on his toes.

Interests: Vidya Games, Crafting, Anime, Manga, Novels, Fanfiction, Writing and generally being creative.

3 Likes: Tiger & Bunny (anime), Harry Potter (novel series) and Skyward Sword (game)!

3 Dislikes: People who don’t use correct grammar (*some* abbreviations not withstanding), those who aren’t willing to accept that they need to improve, and… Naruto. Sorry.

3 Things I’m into right now: OSU! (a click-and-drag rhythm game that you can find here: http://osu.ppy.sh/), the Broken Heart vampire romance novel series by Michelle Bardsley, and Cubees (a paper-craft activity where you print and cutout shapes that form into a character likeness! You can find some here: http://www.cubeecraft.com/)!

3 Favorite Music Genres: Hip-hop/rap, R&B, J-pop/rock

3 Songs I like from Each: Lightworks (MF Doom), She’s so Cool (Tone P.), and Requiem~Inori~ [Requiem~prayer~] (Lisa) from Trinity Blood.

Personal saying: “You know you’ve done it right when no one is sure that you’ve done anything at all.” – quite anonymous

A few words: Well, my main game is writing and fanfiction, so and general fan community stuff are the subjects in which I am most knowledgeable. But I like to dabble in lots of things, from silly youtube videos to PC gaming to tabletop RP (which I am slowly getting accustomed to). I love hands on crafts (except sewing – I’m just not good at it!). I’ll try most things once ^__^ and I love digging for information and discussing/exchanging info with others. I have an uncanny obsession with YGO from a fanfiction perspective. There’s a lot more to me than this profile can offer, so feel free to message me on the tumblr!

Website/contact: straightzivens.wordpress.com – my personal blog; and straightzivens@gmail.com – my email. I’m also straightzivens on tumblr.


Name: Sakura Shori

Nicknames: Sake

Role in DSR: Executive News Researcher

Interests: Books, Music, Video Games, Fan Fiction, Computers, Movies, Video Editing

3 Likes: All things Power Rangers (Old-School), Twitter (Website), FanFiction.net (Website)

3 Dislikes: Grammatically Incorrect Writing, People that write the way that they talk (Makes me want to punch them in the face), Sore Losers.

3 Things I’m into right now: Traveling, going back into writing, Adult Swim (been watching that a lot lately)

3 Favorite Music Genres: R&B, Gospel, Pop

3 Songs I like from each: Can’t give up now by MaryMary (gospel), Art of Noise – Moments in Love (Quiet Storm Version) (R&B), Wightless by Natasha Bedingfield

Personal saying: “I’ll punch you so hard that I will knock your Adam’s apple to the base of your spine.”

A few words: I am a writer, film major and I have a low tolerance for bull doo-doo.

Website/Contact: sakura212012@gmail.com, http://lavenderlollipop21.tumblr.com/, @Anomalous_Belle on twitter.

Name: Final Ykxer,

Nicknames: Town, Admiral, Rawston, Town-E

Role in DSR: Social aspect debater, part-time writer, social structure/conversational analyst.

Interests: 90’s anime, 90’s games, skate boards, 80’s born girls, foreign things, writing, shooting, martial arts, art, photography, 80’s- late 90’s music, debating, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, social events.

3 Likes: Pikachu, pubs, girls.

3 Dislikes: waiting, losing (anything), the fact that the 90’s are over and no other era will be as great.

3 Things I’m into right now: traveling, helping other people, dates and long island ice teas.

3 favorite music genre’s: 80’s rock, indie, alternative/

3 Songs from each: I believe (Tears for Fears), Spies (Dealership), Shape Of My Heart (Sting)

Personal saying: “I’m just saying yo.”

A few words: I’m a decent guy. I enjoy conversations, dates and I like people. But more importantly, I like people seeing my side of things and agreeing with me because obviously I’m the standard, hooah? And whenever I’m not being the standard, its up to others to let me know, so I can fix myself. Because constructive criticism is crucial to overall growth, so help me be even better than I am, assuming I’m not already as good as can be. And likewise, when people are cutting up and not doing the right thing, I will let them know so that they can get upgraded. I love the 90’s, hooah? I miss them with all my might. Now, granted, I probably don’t remember much of them due to the whole being a baby thing. But I’ll say that age five and up I miss those days, even early 2000’s. As we all know, or rather as I tend to say, with advances in technology brings advances in ignorance, laziness and lack of creativity. So now it’s up to me, along with DSR, to set the standard and issue out some self value, among our lost and broken generation.

Website/contact: strafinal@gmail.com


Name: METABaron

Nicknames: Meta, Met, Big M, MB, Embezzy, Baron, Boss Baron, MetaBro

Role in DSR: Speaker of truth, viewer of thing, providing the far far-out, often times over analyzed perspective and preserving the love peace and nappiness of the group. I also like cake.

Interests: Anything thing interesting, but mostly reading, writing, speaking and listening.

3 Likes: Comics (Manga included as it is Japanese for comic), Film, and Music

3 Dislikes: Short-sightedness, speaking without knowing, biased opinions played as truth

3 Things I’m into right now: Making and listening to music, traveling, seeking enlightenment

3 Favorite Music Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Progressive Rock, Soul R&B

3 Songs I like from each: Ain’t No Love – Jay-Z (Speaks my mind on the change one makes in their life, and how those stuck in the past will do/say anything to distract them.)

Dogs – Pink Floyd (Speaks to me about the allure of chasing down one’s goals ruthlessly only to realize that they spent the entirety of their lives playing fetch for someone else. I can relate to that sometimes.)

Across 110th Street –Bobby Womack (I grew up in some of the worst parts of the city, and often times I’m reminded of the parallels that exist between Detroit and Harlem. I believe they are in fact the same city, separated by a few hundred miles.)

Personal saying: WFIT or, “Well, fuck it then…” (Adequately sums up my when I feel no more words or actions are necessary as the resource of my patience has been exhausted.)

A few words: Outspoken but a good listener, stern but kind, personable but quite lonely at times.

Website/Contact: wsuga10@gmail.com

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