Here’s where we add answers to questions that many of you may have had about the more technical aspects of the podcast.

Q: Where do you guys record the Podcasts?
A: Well, as noted on our Home (and About) pages, we record in Detroit, MI. To get into more detail, we record every-other Sunday on Wayne State University‘s campus, specifically State Hall. We’re no strangers, so if you’re interested in recording with us or meeting with us, just drop us a line on our Tumblr Ask Page and let us know ^__^

Q: When do you guys record?
A: See above – we usually get together around noon.

Q: Why don’t you guys have a specific subject?
A: To be honest, it’s because of convenience. It’s difficult to have a theme every Podcast, especially when we all have such diverse interests and schedules. It’s a lot easier for us to have an “open” theme that all of our news and information can fit under.

Q: What do you guys use to record?
A: We use the Yeti microphone when we record, along with the Audacity (google it if you don’t know what that is) program. Dem’s da breaks when youse poor.

Q: Sometimes the sound is a bit hollow on your recordings, why?
A: We’ve had quite a few people ask about this. The issue, primarily, is that there are not laptops abound when we record. We require one for recording in general, but we’re forced to use the class computers in State Hall when looking things up for reference or details for news. That makes things a little difficult because the computer terminal is kind of far from the mic, and it’s not wireless so we can’t move it.

We’ve had a few people ask if we need to get a better microphone. To be honest, our microphone is actually quite good for USB recording and use. The issue is mostly distance from the mic when we’re recording. Classrooms also have echoing acoustics, so the further away we are from the more difficult it is for the mic to pick us up, especially when there are sounds coming in from all directions.

The upside to using the computer terminal on campus, however, is that it’s hooked up to a projector, so we don’t have to waste time passing laptops around to show people everything – all they have to do is look into the front of the room.

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