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It’s been real, WordPress.

D Saint Radio was founded way back on Halloween when, lonely and wanted to do something,  decided to grab a simple mic and talk about stuff I liked. Knowing that I need a website or blog, I tried a number of them finally settling here on WordPress.

It serve me well, and there are some good post to be found here before we just used it has a somewhat hosting ground for the shows but it’s time to move on.

This was a somewhat hard decision but one that I hope will make D Saint Radio a little better to deal with on my side. Updating two blogs is hard work as I am really the only one that does any upkeep. That’s not to say the crew hasn’t been helping me and they will have a little more hands on with the new(ish) blog but people are busy.

Speaking of the newish blog, we will be putting more our energy with the tumblr. New episodes will be up on the tumblr and I will begin the process of adding in the rest of the older ones to the tumblr.

This isn’t going to happen over night but since we are on a break, I hope it doesn’t take too long and be up and ready by the time we start the podcast back up.


Good bye WordPress. It’s been real.

The Future of Sony…PS4

The dust has cleared, the rage has been let out and now I am here to tell you what you missed yesterday with Sony’s “reveal” of the PS4 that took place last night in New York.

The Games

Let’s get this one out of the way because if you read this blog, this is the only thing you care about. Don’t front.

Sucker Punch showed a trailer for the next installment of the Infamous series titled Infamous: Second Son. Not much is known about the game except more people have powers, the government is watching/policing people and it seems like their is a war brewing. If you watch the trailer you can see that yesterday’s date is on the screen. WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? (kidding). That wasn’t the only series that’s playing same game, different world as Guerrilla Games showed off a demo in the newest entry in the Killzone series, Killzone: Shadow Fall.  Square Enix promised (i.e. See The Last Guardian, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy Verses) a game come this year at E3, Media Molecule is working on…something.

List of Developers and publishers who will be be making games for the PS4

But don’t worry, there were some new IP’s on hand as well. Ubisoft showed off more of it’s E3 darling, Watch Dogs; the people at Bungie showed off more of their new game Destiny while announcing that it will launch with exclusive content for the new system; Capcom is releasing Super Street Fighter IV Mega   a new PS4 game called Deep Down with a new game engine to boot; Evolution Studios will be releasing car sex-sim sim called Drive Club and Studio Japan is working on a new game called Knack which could honestly pass as a kid’s movie.

That not so surprising biggest news came from Blizzard in which they formally announce that Diablo III will be coming to both PS3 and PS4.

The Hardware

Zilch, nothing. I can show you the controller (it comes with a touch pad! It’s like a move controller-lite!) but that will piss off people more. I do know that it runs Unreal Engine 4 like a boss.

The system interface

This is where I think Sony did some good and had me thinking toward the future of gaming as a whole (Microsoft, get your shit together, Nintendo REALLY get your shit together).

Lead System Architect Mark Cerny talked about the social features of the system and in making a Sony Ecosystem with both the Vita (remember that?) and the PS4.  The PS4 will be able to stream video game play (via Ustream) to other people. Even if you don’t have the game you can watch some one play Watch Dogs or even take control of their game and help them out in something they are stuck in. You can also send video or screen shots to other social networks such as Facebook and…actually that’s it.

David Perry, CEO of streaming gaming service Gaikai also came out on stage to say that the PS4 will have instant streaming of video games. What that means is that you can play the game you are downloading while it’s downloading and even pay for it if you think it’s good. The Vita in that sense will also get some better Remote Play action with the PS4 becoming a “game server” and the Vita as the “client”.

While we are on the streaming talk, the PS4 will be  able to stream bot PS1 and PS2 games. It won’t, however, won’t be backwards capatable with PS3 games. This is a good thing and bad thing: Good because the cost of the system won’t be as high but you pissed off a whole lot of people because they can’t play their PS3 games.

The new look reminds me a lot of Microsoft’s Windows Phone (take that as you will).

When is it coming out?

Well, they closed the show with a Holiday 2013 release window.


I’m still not on board with the PS4 Hype train just yet. I see what Sony is doing and for the most part it’s pretty good but they could have at least showed off what the damn thing looked like. Hell, a tease would have been cool. What do you guys think about the PS4 announcement? Are you ready for this new hotness or are you going to wait till E3 to see if you are getting one? Sound off in the comments below.


The final bloody chapter of G4’s death is at hand

A while back I reported that G4, the channel that was slowly dying on it’s on, was being rebranded for the “modern man” and now NBCUniversal has officially release the name and date of the final nail on the coffin  changeover: Come April 22nd G4 will become the Esquire Channel. Not only that, the press release also talked about the shows that will be on there but before I get into that bag of worms (SPOILER: There is not one show about games), it was what Bonnie Hammer, who oversees the cable side of NBCU, had said in a New York Times interview about G4. She said

Realistically, guys who are into gaming are not necessarily watching television. If this was going to come under my portfolio, I’m a little brand crazy, so I said, let’s create a real brand, define a space, understand who we are programming for.

Now, normally I would be opening up a can of verbal kick-ass in the form of a DSR mini but honestly she is right. Yeah, G4 wasn’t helping with their program choices (COPS, Campus PD, Cheaters ALL THE TIME), but even before that shit storm happen I was already  moving toward other things that did what the network did but better and when I wanted to watch it. If I’m not watching any TV, I would be playing video games or be here on the site tweaking it. More power to them for the re-branding but it will be a lost.

Speaking of, the original shows that will be on hand for the new network will be a travel show called The Getaway, a celebrity traveling show produced by Anthony Bourdain and –by far the strangest one out of the two,– Knife Fight which is produced by Drew Barrymore that is about “underground, after-hours cooking competition where talented chefs go head to head in front of a rowdy crowd of celebrities, critics and die-hard foodies.”. Other programming include NBC’s Parks and Recreation, Starz’s Party Down and what seems to be the holdover from the networks past American Ninja Warrior which will return for it’s 5th season.

Good Luck with that

[G4 Changeover to Esquire Network Officially Announced-IGN]

G4 is no more; Will rebranded next year.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I mean that in the most nicest way possible. Reported by Slash Film, NBC Universal will be rebranding the geek-centric channel G4 into something more “modern male” and GQ (like the magazine) in form. This can either be

A) Something bad OR

B) Something Really Bad.

Not to talk down about the channel or the new direction it’s taking (among other factors, it was the basics of D Saint Radio and a lot of other web programming out now), but them going full on “bro” might hurt.

Right, if you haven’t heard of G4 it was (at first) the only channel at the time catered to Geek culture and video games. Shows like Judgement, Icons, Filter, and Cheat! showed gaming to masses that still thought people were still playing Mario in their parents basement. Later in their year, they took on TechTV (even calling it G4TechTv) before coming in as completely G4. Most of their flagship shows are still on the network such as Ninja Warrior, X-play, and Attack of the show! but really that was it.

Honestly, I thought they were gonna make a comeback.

Anyway, no word on what shows will be staying or even if they will still cover Comic-Con and E3 with this “change”. Time will tell. R.I.P. G4.

As a passing note: I hope they go through their : “retro” shows.

A Countdown to The World Ends With You 2?

Leave it to Square to keep my ass awake when updating a laptop. Well, news is news.

A webpage from the Square Enix Japanese webpage  (it has sound!) has a mysterious countdown that I’m guessing started yesterday and is counting down toward this Saturday. The clocks font , further investigation of the sites URL slash word, subaseka, and background have all lead to the conclusion that there will be an announcement about the Nintendo DS title The World Ends With You. Now, I could be wrong but let’s check the facts.

Subaseka is actually part of the original Japanese title of the game Subarashiki Kono Sekai. The song that you are hearing on the site is actually a remix of the song “Calling” which was in the soundtrack in the game and the font on the clock matches the font for the game.

It’s not really a surprise as the creators of the TWEWY added Neku and the gang in the latest Kingdom Hearts, even giving them full voice roles. Not only that, TETSUYA NOMURA has stated that he would like to revisit the world of the game in a sequel. Maybe Kingdom Hearts did well enough to do so.

Well, we won’t know till the clock strikes zero to which I hope I don’t find out that I’m in some “other” Detroit and I’ve been playing the Reaper Game . That would suck.