About D Saint Radio

Everything in life has an origin story

D Saint Radio is the brain child of Shadow Akuma, host and runner of the D Saint Radio podcast and blog (along with some other stuff). It all started with a forum post on the semi-dead Story-RPG site, Kiseki-Issenden. In the post, Shadow wanted to do something for the site that he was a part of for quite some time while at the same instant have something to do between looking for a job/going to school full time. With that, Kiseki Radio was born but something was…amiss. It didn’t feel like it was getting anything off the ground and Shadow sensed this.

After the pilot episode, changes were made to make the podcast more better than it was before. The first step was a name change with D Saint Radio coming from Kiseki-Issenden and homage to the site that spark the creation of the podcast. The second was making a blog that hosted the podcast and place to have news stories of all things geeky. While it has been 3 years since it started, DSR is still a child but it is growing from a 1 man show to a 4 person hosted podcast and hopefully it’s fans will grow as well.

So what are you waiting for? Join Shadow Akuma, Ziven, Valiastice and Maxwell Knight and anyone else we find roaming near us for our podcast. Tell your friends, your lovers, your haters and anyone else that will listen.

We are D Saint Radio and we do geek stuff.