It’s been real, WordPress.

D Saint Radio was founded way back on Halloween when, lonely and wanted to do something,  decided to grab a simple mic and talk about stuff I liked. Knowing that I need a website or blog, I tried a number of them finally settling here on WordPress.

It serve me well, and there are some good post to be found here before we just used it has a somewhat hosting ground for the shows but it’s time to move on.

This was a somewhat hard decision but one that I hope will make D Saint Radio a little better to deal with on my side. Updating two blogs is hard work as I am really the only one that does any upkeep. That’s not to say the crew hasn’t been helping me and they will have a little more hands on with the new(ish) blog but people are busy.

Speaking of the newish blog, we will be putting more our energy with the tumblr. New episodes will be up on the tumblr and I will begin the process of adding in the rest of the older ones to the tumblr.

This isn’t going to happen over night but since we are on a break, I hope it doesn’t take too long and be up and ready by the time we start the podcast back up.


Good bye WordPress. It’s been real.

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