Episode 66 – Ch-Ch Changes

After 5.2 seasons (the next episode is the season finale), The D Saint Radio podcast as you know it has changed for the better. One thing you may have notice is that the file size is smaller because we cut out songs and the background music. Don’t worry, we will be doing something else with music in the next episode.

Another big change is the length. I know there are some people that wouldn’t listen to our episodes because they are so long. That has also been fixed as we are now recording in a new way (old way if you been with us since the beginning) that we hope will make it a little bit easier on time.

On to the actual episode as Final joins Maxwell, BJ, Reno and myself for this recording of The D Saint Radio podcast as we talk about the upcoming E3, which person in our group is Groot, why we can’t have nice things and more.

Download Here (53.8mb)


What Games are you looking forward to checking out at E3?



DSR D&D (Coming in July!)

Richie Branson

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