Episode 63 – Dez Nuts

We talk about Destiny, Mortal Kombat, Unfriended, what fictional race we would bang, okay?

Right Click and choose 'save as'
Right Click and choose ‘save as’


What did you guys think of the trailers?

Don’t know if you covered this risque topic yet, but here it goes: What’s your #1 fictional race of beings (sci-fi or fantasy) that you are attracted to?

Sum up your sex life in a title of a sitcom.

So, Jared Leto’s look for the Joker came out. What are your opinions on it, along with the other characters that have been revealed in the DC Cinematic Universe so far?

Who is your favorite villain from the DC Bruce Timm-verse?


Geronimo by Sheppard

Time by Jungle

The Rockers  by Action Bronson (feat. Wiz Kalifa)

Earth Angel by Aaron Neville



Mortal Kombat X

Shameless Plugs

The Jimquisition  – Konami Is Konami

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