Episode 54 – We ain’t got no Type doe

In this Episode of the DSR Podcast, Reno, Maxwell, Ziven and myself talk about how we feel about the Star Wars trailer, some of the news that happened before recording such as Square Enix wanting to bring Kingdom Hearts to the current-gen systems, Evangelion and Sony’s 20th anniversary of the Playstation.

MUSIC [ In No Order]

Shipwreck by USS

Lamborghini Angels by Lupe Fiasco

Love Me Harder (feat. The Weeknd) by Ariana Grande

Come by Namie Amuro

Questions [NEW!] <— Click Here to Ask us more Questions!

How do you guys feel about that Star Wars teaser?

If you could place yourself in any movie, but not the lead role what would it be and why?

What’s something about yourself that you’re semi-ashamed to admit?

Which fictional universe would you want to live in, and which one can fuck off?

Shadow, what is your current PVP load out for Destiny?


The Usual Suspect

DJ Earworm

REVIEWS…and what not

Sin City: A Dane to Kill For

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