Episode 46 – Spyder-man, Spyder-man , Spyder-man!

Sorry for this really late episode. I have been busy with so much stuff but I was able to finally, finally, finally sit down and edit this episode. Don’t mind the lack of background music because I’m testing out something (such as file size). Next episode will have BG music and will be on time.

In this episode of DSR, The Crew-sans fINAL- play catch up to the Mail Questions, then Maxwell and Ziven do a review on The Amazing Spider-man 2 (Spoiler: There are Spoilers and it’s amazing) and other things that would and might get us arrested.

[audio https://archive.org/download/Episode46_201405/Episode%2046.mp3]



Sad Eyes – Robert John
Young Emotions – ricky nelson
Rainy Days and Mondays – Carpenters
Dead Hearts – Stars


The Amazing Spider-man 2

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