Episode 42 – The Old Things stay the same

Sorry for the late episode again but I actually had a good reason for it. I don’t know what did it but most of the episode was recorded on the laptop’s mic instead of the the shiny, shiny mic for some odd reason (I checked before recording the show and it was, without any doubt, on the Yeti mic. I know it was.) So I took the recordings to a friend of mine to see if she could fix it but alas, her awesome skills could not help the podcast (though, I did get to eat some cookies, so all was not lost.)

I do apologize for the audio you are about to hear and will triple-check in the future for any known problems, Really, I have no clue what happen.

What you can hear is me and The Crew answer your questions in the DSR Inbox Thing, do some newsy type things, do reviews on Kill La Kill, The Lego Movie, The Robocop remake,Princess Jellyfish, Justice League: War and as always: The Shameless Plugs. Again, I am sooooo sorry.

It’s All Shadow’s Fault all over again T_T


Music (In No Order)

In too Deep – Genesis
Get by – Delta Heavy
Bad Blood (Live Piano Version) – Bastille
I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas
Shameless Plugs
Maxwell and fINAL are also on Twitter.

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