Episode 41 – #Superbowl

[I do apologize for this late episode. What can I say? This was a very weird week for me: Website was down, Website was up but uploading working, internet was out for half of the day, I fell asleep. A lot of weird shit. Maybe in the future I will just edit it when we get done with recordings. That way, I have some input.]

On this episode of D Saint Radio, The crew explains what they would do with magical powers – One will go the Cosmo route from The Fairly Odd Parents, One will help The World and the ones they love, one will take over The World, and one will Save it- Find out who in the Questions!

In the reviews we have the Kevin Heart/Ice Cube buddy-cop film Drive-Along, The Latest installment of American Horror Story, The Freshmen series Sleepy Hollow and anime film Wolf Children. 

And as always, we have our shameless plugs.


QUESTION OF THE EPISODE: If you were granted Magical Powers, what would you do with them?


Flo Rida by Good Feeling
School’s Out by Alice Cooper
Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson
ABC’s by K’naan feat. Chubb Rock

One thought on “Episode 41 – #Superbowl”

  1. The resukts showed in the chartt are as well clear to be
    neglected. West Germany also has one of the world’s most productive goaal
    scorers in Gerd Mller, who racked up fourteen goals in juswt two World Cups.
    Practice your routes and then practice them some more.

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