Re-Vamp Plans!

Ziven reporting!

[No, I am not revealing that I’m a vampire seductress in this post. >__>]

For those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to listen to our newest podcast yet, I’m making a small announcement that will be leading to something bigger!

We’ve been listening and taking suggestions, and we’ve decided to change up our delivery a little. Of course, if you’re reading this article you’re a on the Blog and you’ve seen our theme change already! We hope that this is bit more organized and easier to navigate.

Something that we’re planning on changing relatively soon is our Podcast format. We’ve gotten a few complaints before that our standard podcast length is a bit long (sometimes nearing three hours), and we’re going to do something about it. That’s how much we care about making you guys happy.

We don’t quite have a launch date yet, as it would be awkward to change things up just after the season’s started. The plan, however, is to break up our podcast into segments and post them separately.

Everything that’s been a part of our usual podcast will still be covered – Mail and Questions, DSR News, Reviews, Shameless Plugs, and even the wacky non-sequitur conversations you guys love – we’ll just be posting each of those parts separately over the course of two weeks, rather than a huge goliath several hour listening fest.

Our hope is that with things broken up like this, we’ll crash fewer Shockwave plugins as well as give you guys a chance to breathe between discussions and things. Download times should also be lowered, too.  Overall it should make things a little easier for everyone!

We’re looking forward to doing a better job here at DSR Headquarters for you.

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