Fox’s Gotham to include Batman…sortof.

Part of me wanted to believe that this show would be good and that I won’t have bad memories of Birds of Pray running through my head (running through me head) but I guess I having something to worry about/just not watch.

What was going to be a series that was just going to follow Batman pal Commissioner James Gordon as he starts his career in the GPD will now follow both him and a younger, not Batman, Bruce Wayne along with some villains such as Cat Woman,Riddler, Penguin, and yes, Joker. Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly spoke about the this at a panel Monday at the  Television Critics Association winter press tour saying that

We will follow Bruce Wayne right up until the point where he gets interesting.

The pilot, which is written by The Mentalist showrunner Bruno Heller, is already in the process of casting — Reilly pointed out that they are looking for a boy around 12 years of age to play Wayne. Reilly also said that the plan for the series finale would be end when Bruce dons the cape and cowl à la Smallville. This is also not a companion series for the upcoming Man of Steel 2 aka Batman vs. Superman as the chairman pointed out

This is the Batman franchise just backing it up[…]It gives a real focus as to what this show is about and what stories we’re telling.

There is no set date for the series to premiere.

Shadow’s take: When I first heard about this series, I thought “Cool, this might be good.” but now I don’t know. They seem to be willing to include the characters that everyone knows and love which I see as an effort to not go the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.L.D. which has the general public confused as to why The Avengers don’t show up at all. I won’t have a strong opinion till I see it but for now, I’m worried.

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