Episode 40 – Where did the Button touch you?

Sorry for being late with this episode (even though it’s not very late), life stuff came up. That and I had a mini-heart attack when I was putting the episode together. The problem I ran into is fixed but wow, I thought I fucked this episode up some how.

In this episode of D Saint Radio, the randomness of The Crew takes over but don’t worry as we do have reviews of The Wolverine and Space Dandy. We also have some news such as MOTHER FUCKING PETER PARKER IS’NT DEAD. I knew this was coming but really, Marvel, really?

Right Click and choose 'save as'
Right Click and choose ‘save as’
Music List

Night Walker (Linne’s Theme)

Cause I love you – Lenny Williams

Where did the Party go – Fall out Boy

Supermassive925 Muse vs. Lady Sovereign

The Wolverine
– Didn’t feel like an X-men Movie
-Stand Alone Movie
– Doesn’t make sense if following X-men story line
– Plot Holes
Space Dandy
Funny Show but not for people looking for the next Cowboy Beebop
Shameless Plugs

Maxwell’s books are 99 cents in ebook format. Paperback for $6.64 for Amazon Prime Members.

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