D Saint Radio Episode 38: PUDDING!

First off, I would like to apologize for the LONG wait for this episode. Seeing as I am the only one that edits the episodes (not because I want to, I choose to. That and we don’t have a system as to what to do with these situations) and I’ve been swamped with work at…that toy store we won’t speak of/a case of the flu, it’s been a crazy few weeks. Hopefully, everything will calm down for a bit. Speaking of, we are having an episode recording at the moment you are reading this. But that’s the future and this is now.

On this episode of D Saint Radio, Maxwell and I talk about the Doctor Who 50th Special, The Day of The Doctor, and what it might mean for the series going forward. Then Maxwell and Ziven do a review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Is this movie hot or does this sequel need to have some water poured on it, then sand, then stomped (Fire Safety, Kids)? You gotta find out in the reviews! And as always the news and our shameless plugs.

Grab your blanket, makes some coco, hug your love ones and tell them you love them: This is D Saint Radio Episode 39!

Right Click and choose 'save as'
Right Click and choose ‘save as’


Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

Deep Sorrow by Shinwa

The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

Wake me up when September

Shameless Plugs

Tic Tatics for Android and iOS

The Man Called X Facbook Page

The Man Called X: The Needs of the Many (The Hero Series)

Heka Facebook Page

Heka: Death Becomes Him (The Hero Series)

The Innovator Facebook Page

The Innovator: In Plain Sight (The Hero Series)

BBC Two’s QI (You tube)

Crash Course

fINAL’s Tip: Be aware of your Surroundings and Don’t do something you are not suppose to.

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