Podcast Episode 37: Man of Steel – Darky Dark and The Funky Bunch

Welcome to another season of D Saint Radio. After a long break, we are back shooting the shit and making fun of each others flubs. In this episode, you find out where we are recording now (HINT: There is no tiger or Tigger), what we were doing during the break and more.

[audio https://archive.org/download/DSaintRadioEpisode37/D%20Saint%20Radio%20Episode%2037.mp3]

Right Click and choose 'save as'
Right Click and choose ‘save as’


Above the clouds from Kirby 64

Moving Like a blossoming lilly from Under Night In-Birth

Mississippi Queen by Mountain


Six String Samurai Trailer

Welcome to Nightvale podcast

fINAL’s FC : 435607042774

Ziven’s Zero’s FC : 023278755040 (Her Name on the 3DS is Tomo)

Send us your FC to the tumblr!

The Man Called X: The Needs of the Many

The Innovator: In Plain Sight

Heka: Death Becomes Him


Thor: The Dark World

Steven Universe

Beware The Batman

Sleepy Hollow (The Fox Tv show)

Carrie (2013 Remake)


Flyrule: A Terrible Fate by Shag


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