Batman-Versus-Superman-2015-jmattisson (1)

Podcast Episode 37: Man of Steel – Darky Dark and The Funky Bunch

Welcome to another season of D Saint Radio. After a long break, we are back shooting the shit and making fun of each others flubs. In this episode, you find out where we are recording now (HINT: There is no tiger or Tigger), what we were doing during the break and more.


Right Click and choose 'save as'
Right Click and choose ‘save as’


Above the clouds from Kirby 64

Moving Like a blossoming lilly from Under Night In-Birth

Mississippi Queen by Mountain


Six String Samurai Trailer

Welcome to Nightvale podcast

fINAL’s FC : 435607042774

Ziven’s Zero’s FC : 023278755040 (Her Name on the 3DS is Tomo)

Send us your FC to the tumblr!

The Man Called X: The Needs of the Many

The Innovator: In Plain Sight

Heka: Death Becomes Him


Thor: The Dark World

Steven Universe

Beware The Batman

Sleepy Hollow (The Fox Tv show)

Carrie (2013 Remake)


Flyrule: A Terrible Fate by Shag


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