You want all the Power Rangers!?

SDCC is kicking off today but already the news is flying in (kicking in?) with some updates on The Power Rangers. No, not the MegaForce one, the Mighty Morphn kind. Shout! Factory announce at their booth a DVD “box” set celebrating the 20 year history of The Power Rangers. Yes, all of the Power Rangers. Dubbed Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Years and it will hold all 20 years of the series in this:




Why yes, that is a mock-up of the Red Ranger. That helmet will hold 270+ hours of every season in the last 20 years on 98 DVDs. It will also house 6 DVDs that include bonus content such as brand new featurettes and stuff from the past. The kicker? There will only be 2,000 of these things made. There is no price for this yet but it will be on sale December 3rd, 2013.

IGN [Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Years Announced]

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