Podcast Episode 35: Xbone-n-Harmony

I am very sorry for being late on the post. I have been busy with personal matters and trying to fix my own computer (yes, the skipping thing is still there). I would also like to add before getting on with the episode description that next episode, episode 36, will be our season finale. Maxwell, as you will hear, will be moving to another HUGE RICH HOUSE and I figure that it would be fitting to end things (for now) on the last day of him staying at his old place. Also, I know I said that this was episode 36 but it’s actually Episode 35. Sorry for the mix up. Also, I’m working on the cover of the episode. I want to have perfect (by DSR standards)


fINAL, Maxwell and I answer your questions and comments in the DSR Inbox, find a wild Ziven out in the grass and watch a video of woman complain about not having a power rangers setting for her AC.

Background Music is from No More Heroes Dark Side Soundtrack. After we had recorded the show, I played No More Heroes. I’ll leave it at that.

[audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15473944/Episode35.mp3]

Right Click and choose 'save as'
Right Click and choose ‘save as’


The Phoenix – Fallout Boy

School’s Out – Alice Cooper

So What – P!NK

Shameless Plugs 

Attack on Titan Trailer

Bakemonogatari Trailer

Sword Art Online Trailer (Just to Spite, it’s the English Dub Trailer)

There will be more links here. Check back on this page for more!

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