D Saint Radio Episode 29: The Garrus Vakarian Equilibrium

I’m pretty sure that if fINAL was to write this instead of me, it would be about either Jennifer Hale or Garrus from the Mass Effect Series. Or both.

On this episode of DSR, THE CREW are joined by NPC as we talk about DC Nation (and TV as a whole) need to get their shit together, Green Eggs and Ham, ST. Patty’s Day, and a bunch of other stuff. I have this feeling that fINAL is going to ask for some sort of episode with Garrus in it.

Damn Right.

*Ziven would like to note that the Sailor Stars’ names, which she couldn’t remember during the episode, are Kou Seiya, Kou Yaten and Kou Taiki. She apologizes to those who may have been offended by only remembering one (even if he’s the most popular one).
**We would also like to add that we were wrong about the search results for Porn MD and what the “(gay)” meant next to a search term. On the Porn MD website, you can filter a search through “gay”, “straight” and “tranny”. So a search term with that word next to it in parenthesis means that the search word was filtered through that category.

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/84820270/Episode29.mp3]



Elba by E.S. Posthumus

Kings by Angela

22 Twos by Jay-Z

Background Music

Sierra Leone by Mt. Eden



Disney DressSphere Project by Skirtzzz

Retro Cell Phone Handset

fINAL’s Garrus Post

Business man!

EverNote App

Space Jam goes with Everything! [Kotaku]

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