Toonami to air Evangelion 1.11 TONIGHT

I know I’m WAYS late of reporting this but I didn’t know about it myself until Thursday and even then I was dead tired to type it up. More than likely the people reading this now didn’t know about it till now so I figure I can help a little.

Toonami is celebrating it’s birthday party in style by airing Evagelion 1.11: You are [Not] Alone tonight at 1AM. The movie, which was released here in the states in 2009, is a retelling of Neon Genesis Evangelion¬†giving people who never had a chance to see the series to digest it in movie form. There are two more movies, 2.0: You can [Not] Advance and 3.0: You can [Not] Redo which tell the tale of a 14 year old boy, Shinji Ikari, summoned by his long-absent father, Gendo Ikari, to pilot a bio-mechanical being known as an Evangelion or Eva. His task is to battle mysterious beings known as Angels, who are somehow known to be due to begin their attacks soon. But behind-the-scenes events may, in the long run, affect his fate, and the fate of the world, more than the fight against the Angels. Check out the trailer to see for yourself:

Like I said, if you haven’t seen it and you want in on the EVA action, this is a perfect jumping off point. I’m fucking watching it.

And yes, we are recording tomorrow and we need some questions/stuff to talk about. Send them here and if you haven’t already follow us on the tumblr!


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