The Five Things Microsoft need to do for The Next Gen

Sony has started the Next-Gen Arm Race (sorry Wii U, I’m still waiting for NEW games) and now all eyes are on Microsoft as people wait for something to be announced from them. So far, all signs point to the company doing something around next month giving me enough time to help the House of Xbox out.

I may not know the insdie trade of Video Game systems but I’m the type of person Microsoft is pushing for to buy their new system. If they want me to be at least excited about the new gen stuff, there is some things they need to do in order ot win me over and thus, the gaming community as a whole.

I could be wrong with my list but from what people bitch about online, this is my top 5 things Microsoft needs to do.
1. Adress the Used games Elephant in the Room

There have been a lot of rumors that both the Ps4 and the Next Xbox will both find a way to make used games a thing in the past in some sort of fashion. Sony’s CEO pretty much tossed it to the developers as to what will happen with the used games market and what they would do. Not only that but if anything is taken from their PS4 reveal it’s that they are pushing for more people to get titles digtally as opsose to getting them from brick and mortor stores a lot more this time around.


The latest rumor surround the nex Xbox is that disc will either outright will let you know that it’s used and can’t be played on another system other than the one that was first used on OR have a limited amount of uses before it’s can’t be used anymore. Again, these are rumors and rumors–good or bad– can make or break something. If someone can just say the next Xbox doesn’t block anything, that will put, hopefuly, the fear to rest.

2. Have some exclusives that aren’t Halo or Call of Duty.

Halo has been apart of the Xbox franchise since the inception of the first Xbox and Call of Duty is pretty much married the the Xbox Live brand with it’s timed DLC packs, push for people to play on the service and always being part of their E3 announcemnets. This is all good and everything but that’s not going to be enough. There are a lot of good games on the Xbox but a lot of people seem to forget that little bit of good games.

Microsoft, you need to put some other people in the spot light this time. instead of a shooter as a flag-ship game, why not a reveal of the next big Bioware Epic RPG or even a fighting game? I have no problem with shooters (if my Raptr account is right, I fucking love them for some reason.) but you don’t need to show me a new Halo until E3. Hell, another Burnout would be nice.

3. Do NOT bring up the entertainment

Nope. Don’t do it.

Not just with the Xbox 360 but the Wii and PS3, streaming movies, TV shows via Netfix or some other app has become part of everyday life. It’s awesome that I can watch the entire season of a series in one sitting without going to another device to do so or hop on Youtube to watch a “Let’s Play” of Anarchy Reigns with out going through my pocket to go on youtube. It’s gotten to the point that I beieve no system, unless they are doing this for the first time ever, should bring them up again. These services are becoming the new standard and frankly I would be more shocked if they weren’t on any system. i’m not saying ignore them completely as they are most of your bread and butter now but don’t have a 15 minutes of anyone talking about it.

4. Move away from the Kinect.

The Kinect is a touchy subject for me. On one half, I like what it does and what it can do. I love playing Fruit Ninja Kinect and Wreckater even if others don’t or can play games in which you use your body to play. Not only that, it’s cool to use voice commands on stuff like the Dash Board and I can’t count the number of times I used it for Mass Effect 3.

On the other hand, I hate that they are shoving it down everyone’s throats. We get it: You’re core audence could give a damn that they can use their hands to swipe through menus a la Minority Report so you need to put it in games to make people WANT to use it. It’s not going to work. Unless there is something worth it or if it’s part of the system it’s self, don’t give time to the Kinect. Don’t worry about it right now. I rather you talk what is new this time around then handle the past.

5. Fix Xbox Live where it counts

Xbox Live is a great service that allows people to play online with others, watch movies and chat with groups of people even if they are not playing the same game. This is awesome and everything but the Playstation Network and the Nintendo Network do these things for free. Why the fuck am I’m paying to play video games online where I can do it for free somewhere else? Before they took the Facebook and Twitter app off Live, this was Microsoft’s reason for the cost of Xbox Live and now that it’s gone (replaced by Internet Explorer) there shouldn’t be a reason why I have to spend $25 for three months. At least when a person does pay for Playstation Plus (which is $15) it’s worth it–Free Games and half-off on DLC stuffs.

Make it worth my time Microsoft. Make it worth my time.

The Next-gen consoles are the chance to wipe the slate clean and start over. Do something that makes me say “I need to have Xbox Live.” I can tell you right now that I don’t have Xbox Live Gold right now and the only thing that sucks is that I need to wait to finish Mass Effect 3 to have a good ending.


Again, this is what I think Microsoft needs to do. Is there something I’m missing? Do you agree with anything on this list or are you going to correct me? Sound off in the comments below or tweet me via twitter @akumaknight.

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