D Saint Radio Episode 26: These Lumps by Beyonce feat. LSP

I was able to get enoughrest to make a proper description. This is Shadow typing, take 2.

The DSR Crew is joined by Undead_Knave once more on what the majority of  the crew thought was, as fINAL described, a single ladies episode in which (and this is all quoted from the meeting page in which we plan out episodes/shoot the shit):

we discuss the needs, wants and of single ladies in the geek community – since this is a geek heavy podcast. We will also dicuss the tropes, stereotypes and stigmatism associated with thefemale gamer/nerd/whatever and work to debunk and reassociate a new, clear identity. Also, talk about relationships, intimate and plutonic and others, and the difficulty and problems of them. And other stuffz, like single ladies


So did we actually do that? Nope.

We did try, and we tried so hard but in the end it doesn’t really matter. I couldn’t help myself.

What we did talk about were the questions you guys gave us (even Mama U.K. gave a question which made us think. Why don’t you guys give us questions that make us think?). Maxwell was being slightly racist; fINAL did his math homework, Ziven mentions some very interesting …books and of course we discuss everything else in between. References everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Oh, the title? No clue. Wish it was an actual song …how awesome would that be?

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/84820270/Episode%2026.mp3]


~The Links~

Bacon Pancakes New York Full Version [Youtube]

Toshishita Kareshi [Doujinshi; NSFW] (Ziven says: I guess Toys would be the warning for this one, but… that’s not really a warning, IMHO.)

Tentacle Lovers [Doujinshi; NSFW] (Ziven says: warnings are Tentacle, obviously.)

Mamagoto [Doujinshi; NSFW] (Ziven says: Warning: Harem – indirect incest because of family based harem? …do I have to warn people about that? Is that a thing?)

Ask the God of Mischief [Tumblr Ask Blog for Loki]

And He Will Answer! [Tumblr Ask Blog for Thor]

*BONUS* Ask the Earls of Lemongrab [Need I say more?]

The Petition to save Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series


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