V-Day Stuffs!

ImageHello and hello from Ziven! Long time no post~

Here at D Saint Radio we’re preparing to launch our campaign to get ready for our Valentine’s Day episode, which will be themed on the lovely, the sexy, and the things in life that make your soft (or hard) parts tingle~

I’ll be posting a few cute images here and there on our tumblr, but more than anything else we’d like your questions~ We have a reasonably experienced group among us (take that whatever way that you will) and we Love-ove-ove sharing our experiences, especially if there’s the chance that it’ll benefit someone. Even if you’re asking just to hear Maxwell squirm, hear Shadow get all blushy, or to hear me make eleventy-million dirty jokes, please send us your commentary and questions~

To that end, we do want to know a little more about the experiences of our listeners. Within the next few weeks I’ll be posting a sexy questionnaire, which you all can feel free to answer anonymously or with pseudonyms or actual names – we won’t stalk you! If you’ve got any friends that can provide interesting answers, give them a shout and point in the direction of our blog or tumblr! It’ll be much appreciated.

As always, if you have any questions, please pose them here! ^__^

I look forward to reading your dirty little secrets, and sharing some of my own.

With Love,
Ziven~ ♥

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