Introducing: [K] (Otherwise known as “Project [K]”)

I’ve talked about this on the last episode, but for those that haven’t listened yet or wanted a little more information about the show, I thought that I would perhaps write a short article. I feel that it deserves a proper introduction, and that furthermore you ALL SHOULD WATCH IT.

This anime is contains enough action and heightened suspense during battles to keep you on your toes, done in an “in media res” style. It takes you on a journey to solve a mystery discovered by the main character – one that he is involved in directly without his knowledge. The thrill and suspense of each detail of the story emotionally ties you to the character – just as badly as you want to know how the story end, the main character does as well, and it’s all around a very good execution of the story pattern. Alongside the main character’s story, there are side characters whose stories and histories mixed in, and it’s amazing to experience characters that are developed, have pre-existing histories and problems that also unfold themselves as elements within the story. In its own way, this anime manages to miniaturize a war: A war between two sides with parties caught in the middle, a war between what characters feel, believe and what is clearly the logical choice; and yet it taunts Imagethe main character (and the viewer) with false leads and dead-ends.

The Premise/Summary: In a strange, post-modern Japan, Yashiro Isana is attacked by the infamous gang HOMRA while on an errand for his classmates at school. They claim that he murdered one of their most valued members in cold blood. Isana is sure that he isn’t the culprit… until he sees himself broadcasted on television, a cellphone recording showing a man with his face – the gun can be plainly seen, the shot clearly heard.

But it isn’t him.

The violent men don’t listen to his pleas, and in their pursuit of him Yashiro is almost scathed by some sort of magical fire. Reporting the incident to the police, he finds he must run from them as well, as they would arrest him for a crime that he didn’t commit. As he avoids both HOMRA and SCEPTER 4, he is cornered by a man dressed in black, who speaks and carries himself like a samurai. He also has strange powers, and informs Yashiro that he was sent by someone called the “Colorless King” to assassinate him.

Having to deal with these three parties and discover the truth about the incident is no easy task, but his personal investigation leads him to find out more about these men with strange powers, and how he may simply be a pawn in someone else’s War.

I very much recommend this anime, especially if you love falling in love with characters and seeing stories and plots from winding perspectives. Each character here has a story, and this anime does a good job of keeping you interested in just more than the main characters. They’re all diverse and have their own convictions – I doubt that you’ll come out of this anime without having distinct feelings for everyone, regardless of if they are good or bad. K shows you that each character involved is an individual, not simply a bunch of goons or henchmen for the sake of filling out a scene.

If you love getting to know characters, taking a guess at where plot is going or just enjoying a good story that isn’t quite straight-forward, this is for you. I challenge you to watch the first episode and not at least be curious about watching more.

With Love,


[P.S.: This anime has excellent, inspiring music as well.]

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