D Saint Radio RETURNS+Updates

Wow, a lot of updates happen and I forgot to say something about it on the blog that started it all.

I’m such a bad webmaster.

Any who, here are the updates!

D Saint Radio’s Tumblr has moved. 

Hopefully, you guys have been keeping tabs of the the D Saint Radio Twitter or at least the Facebook about this but just in case: Our tumblr has moved. This isn’t brand new news as I have said it in a few episodes before hand but now we are there and set. Well, me and Ziven are set. This Tumblr is made mostly for the The Crew to post what ever they want and as soon as everyone else gets on board you can see all the shit we like in blog post form. Our new site is here and as always, you can ask us stuff here. You are gonna need that link to ask us stuff because…

We are back!

Yes, the time has come for use to return back to your ear holes to finish off this season of D Saint Radio. I have no clue what the others will bring to the table for our first episode back (it’s fun not knowing) BUT we will finally have our Valentine’s Day/Sexy Episode. As of such, Ziven has made a post talking about it and she will be  posting a “sexy questionnaire” on the tumblr as well. We are going to shoot for a Feb. 14th date for the episode but I will let everyone know when it’s about to start as always.

That’s really it. I will definitely try to be more hands-on with the Facebook, The Twitter and Facebook now because I now have a smart device to use to talk to you guys. Twitter is going to be a little hard so if you need me for something, get at me on my own twitter or Ziven’s for that matter (it will make her get on twitter more).

Going back to this upcoming episode, I will be reviewing Anarchy Reigns, the newest game from Bayonetta developer Platinum Games. Is this Online heavy brawler worth the $30 it’s asking for? You will find out. I will also ask what everyone did on their breaks.

Till then, Keep a watch of D Saint Radio!


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