Shadow watches…Btooom! [The Review]

Welp, I finished Btooom! just like I said I would and now I do a review while under all these feels. All The Feels.

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Action, Psychological, Romance, Science fiction

12 Episodes 


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Even though I explain what the show is about in the link above, here is a refresher: Ryōta Sakamoto is a 22-year-old that lives with his mother. While in the real world, he is nothing more than a NEET but in the digital realm he is on the top 10 team in world in game called Btooom! One day, he awakens on an island with no clue on how or why he is there. While wandering around, Ryōta sees someone and calls out for help. The stranger in return throws a bomb. Sakamoto soon realizes that he has been sent to the island to the play the real life version of Btooom!

I mean, look at that face!

Quite honestly, I didn’t know about this show till I heard people talking about it on twitter and then I saw this gif. I honestly thought that the show’s tone would be crazy stupid or funny but man was I wrong. Could you really have blame me for thinking that? This story get dark pretty quick and it only get’s darker—from people dying left and right to the characters losing their fucking minds, shit gets real.

So, what worked?

I actually felt for a lot of the characters in the show, even one of the bad ones, and I normally don’t (well, when I play Mass Effect but that’s a different story) and I love it for that. Never have I sat through an anime to see if someone made it out alive or cheered out loud when someone who needed an ass whooping got it. Karma is a bitch. with a bomb. There was a scene where the aforementioned bad guy was getting “pushed around” and I was so happy that he grew some balls and killed his attacker. I had to keep myself from yelling “Fuck yeah!” I was glued to my seat.


The animation is awesome. For a show that is dealing with a lot of explosions (and there are a lot of them) Madhouse was on their game. I never doubt they weren’t but I have to give props where there are due. Moments where they would show the game world or most of the people’s flashbacks are also good. And man, do they know who to make people look like they are fucking sad. Dem feel faces.


The Plot was also good wit ha a lot of twist and turns that I, for once in my life, didn’t see coming. Again, I was glued to my seat watching this. And to go back to the flashbacks, a good chunk of these people had some really messed up lives that I really felt bad for them. I never feel bad for anyone in an anime. NEVER. Slow dramatic clap to that.

What didn’t work?  

Madhouse is now the Team Ninja of the anime world. I’m okay with this as I have nothing against boobs, anime or real but some of you might be turned off. It’s not a lot but that gif kinda shows you.


Btooom! is also short with it being done with in 12 episodes. This is starting to become typical with a lot of the newer stuff. It does end with a bit of a cliff hanger but I think I might be reading the manga to see what else happens. I really do hope they make a second season. IT WAS JUST GETTING GOOD!

If you are looking for an anime with a shit ton of death, people with psychological problems and a little bit H content, I highly recommend checking this series out. That way, we both can have the feels.

Btooom! get’s a 5/5

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