Looks like Hugh Jackman will be in Days of Future Past

He did it folks, Hugh Jackman is now the only cast member from the X-men movies that has been in every G#d Damn X-men movie. Great Job.

Seriously though, this is some alright news and it kinda pretty much confirms my theory on what “future” the film will be taking place with the talks that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are also joining Jackman in the film. To most of you that read this blog, you got the same idea but for the ones that don’t, the famous story line pretty much show Kitty Pride the future in which the whole Mutant Population was heading into: A world full of Mutant Hate and Hunting — You can pretty much say that the first X-men films are that future. I could be wrong about it and they could go a very different way but it would be a cool way to officially say that new set of X-men films are a reboot of sorts.

Plus, it would get the bad taste of X3 out of the people’s minds and mouths.

X-men: Days of Future Past is set to release July 18, 2014.

The Wolverine is set for release  July 26, 2013.

Source [SFX.co.uk]

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