Mid-Season Final: Episode 24 – I ain’t going to heaven with no damn robot!

Another year, another Mid Season end. Yes, as a podcast we do take season breaks till January (official date TBD). We say good bye to this year by going through your lovely emails/tumblr questions, do some news and give out our shameless plugs. It was a small show but full of laughs. Look out for the link to our Bonus episode where Maxwell kicks my ass in a Children’s card game!

Download Episode 24 (size: 115.8 MB)

[audio https://dl.dropbox.com/u/15473944/Episdoe%2024.mp3]


Hollywood Swinging by Kool and The Gang

Pandora by KARA

The Best of You by The Foo Fighters


King of The Dorks Trailer

Save as .dmx (10 hrs long version)

Complete VGA’s Winners List (Via Game Informer)

Dragon Ball Z – Saiyan Saga Trailer

Fez Trailer

Penny Arcade: The Game – Gamers Vs. Evil

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