Where the f*ck is Episode 22?

Good Question.

Hey, this is Shadow Akuma with an update to there episode that should have been up Sunday. Reason for is that the first part of the episode–we record the episode in parts for the ease of editing–was saved over. I have the files themselves BUT they are in 30 second segments that I have to put together. It’s going to take some time in order to make it whole again. For now, Episode 22 will be skipped until I get it done.

We won’t hold back recording though. Episode recording will go as scheduled and you can expect episode 23 in the coming weeks. Remember, you can send us your love, your anger and all your sorrow via our twitter,email, and tumblr.

Hopefully I won’t fuck up that recording. I’m on a roll.

Comment on the Post Yo.

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