Arrow Episode 4 Mini review

A/N: Sorry for being late with this review. Things come up.

After the reveal to his body guard that he is the Hood figure taking crime in his own hands, we see that Oliver was thinking the same thing I was from the last episode: He needed to tell someone about his late night extra activities. Too bad that Diggle didn’t see it that way. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to get an Innocent man out of jail and his step-dad finds something that may rock the series. As always


I am really digging this show. Yes, this episode is the “there is someone jail that shouldn’t” piece of series but we got some really good secondary character stuff thrown in the mix that was also needed.  We also get island flashbacks which if the episode’s central episode plot doesn’t get me the island/how he became Arrow will. Luckily both got me as the man in jail plot also tied in on The List. Oliver, taking advice from his sister, decides to work with Laurel to get him out of jail as Arrow. It back fires at the end with Oliver going to jail because dear ol police dad look back at the camera feeds from last episode.

We also get in the C Plot that step dad is really in the dark about about his wife. Not only did he see she may be taking money but the woman is housing the boat that Oliver and Co. were on. Speaking of the Wife, we see that other people i.e. John Barrowman’s “Well Dressed Man” character notice that Arrow is going through The List.

It was a solid episode that is setting up for what seems likes is going to be an awesome episode with the apperence of Deathstroke and more Island stuff.

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