D Saint Radio Episode 21: HerplerAIDS

E/N: Sorry this episode is a little late. You would think there would be windows apps to make somethings easy. It is up though but I am sorry.

D SAINT RADIO IS BACK and you better redneckgnize. Actually, just regular recognize…we don’t need Honey Boo-Boo any more popular than she is.  Right, Episode description.

We are back for the season with all new episodes. This week episode is a bit of a mix bag like always. We answer two questions from the DSR Inbox, give you the news and well, do what DSR is best known for(?): being Random. Shout outs to Living Single, Step by Step and Family Matters…and just about everything else we make reference to.

Right Click; ‘Save As’ to Download Episode 21 (158.7 MB) 

[audio https://dl.dropbox.com/u/15473944/episode21.mp3]


Note: This time around we are picking music out randomly via a Random Number Generator  All songs listed are in the order they are played and I will link them to their YouTube Videos.

Pharaoh’s Throne by LittleKuriboh and Shadyfox

Full Metal by Curen$y

Head over Heels by Tears for Fears

Sure Shot by Crown Heights Affair


CinderFella by Todrick Hall

Beauty and The Beat 

Epic Rap Battle of History – President Obama Vs.  Governor Romney

Boondocks – Martin Luther King Speech

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