Arrow Episode 3 Mini-Review

So, I think we are going to see a DC villain every week now but I digress. 


Another Episode of Arrow, another person off his list that we get to kno–

Oh, wait that guy died. From a bullet. Ah shit.

This episode introduce another villain in rouge galleries by the name of DeadShot–robot eye and all. Island/Family stuff was kept to a minimum with the focus on Oliver needing to have a cover for what he does at night. His solution is to make a night club in one of the poor parts of time and while he does that he looks for DeadShot by going detective even going as far as asking a person in his companies IT department (FIRESTORM SHOUT OUT) to hack a laptop (“My coffee shop is in a bad neighbourhood.”).

We also get to peer into the life John Diggle, the bodyguard that watches over Queen who had a brother who died doing the same thing he is doing. Speaking of which, this episode was hinting that Diggle was going to find out about Oliver’s night job in some way…too bad he had to get shot because of it. Also coming into light as the on-going thing with Tommy and Laurel and the fact that Oliver has accept it.

In the C-plot, it’s Speedy and her being a brat. Really need to stop it. We also get flashbacks of the Island showing that the hooded figure was some guy who wanted to help him. From what exactly, it may seem that Olie and hooded guy are not alone.

This Episode was good and given the fact that there is now a full season , we can get more questions/answers.

Final thoughts:

Are we going to hear Oliver go into a internal monologue when he figures something?

WHAT THE HELL TOOK SO LONG?! About time the guard found out.

Laurel can kick ass and hopefully she does become Black Canary though I don’t see the sonic scream coming into play because of how they are keeping things grounded. Just gotta wait and see.

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