Arrow Episode 2 Mini Review

I’m going to try something new: Follow a series and make mini episodes for each. It will give this blog something to do other than news and will give me something to do other than non-DSR stuff. Alright, let’s go!


This episode was a step in the right direction. Most of the things I gave grief about was fixed. I’m also seeing that this is going to turn into a Evil Guy of the Week type deal which works for the plot of Oliver Queen/Arrow righting the wrongs that his family has done. Plus, it seems that these guys have access to the comic book villains (Villains-R-us?). Speaking of villains, this week was China White who played a minor role in this episode though it seems she might be back.

Action was plenty and story is moving in a way that seems to hit at more as we are kinda seeing who the Queen’s Mom is working for or a part of. Acting is still a bit off but hey, it’s stating and it will take time. There were plenty of good lines though. The Episode ends with a Flashback on the Island with Oliver, after giving his father a burial, getting shot with and Arrow by a hooded figure.

A few things to mow over – WHO IS HIS MOM WORKING FOR? It seems she is pushing for Oliver on what happen on the Island and is the symbol part of the Traid or  something else their family was a part of.

Speaking of which, this episode kinda confirms my theory that Oliver was trained on that Island by Death Stroke and they had a falling out of some reason (remember the mask from last episode?).

Lastly, Oliver is going to have to tell his Body Guard about him being Arrow. It will allow him to slip out the back and do what he needs to do. Hell, he might figure it out.

Again, I’m going to take this one step at a time with Micro Reviews. I will have them up the day after the episode airs. Till next week!

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