The New Xbox Live Dash Run Through: Same Dash, Different Paint.

FINALLY! I can finally f@&$ talk about the updated Dashboard! WHOOO!

For anyone who hasn’t updated their Xbox today, Microsoft has filly rolled out their updated Xbox 360 dashboard  to the public. I actually had a lot of hands on time with it before the release and I can tell you it enhances a lot of things while give you some new things as well. Let’s run through the big stuff of what works and what doesn’t.

What Works

The Dashboard 

If you can’t tell, “Metro” style is here to stay. Windows will be rolling out this style in their Windows 8 Phone and Windows 8 later this month to give a “unified” system. The made the square icons seem a lot closer and bigger in some aspects. I know a lot of people complaining of the looks of the Dash and while it won’t change, I would say Microsoft is trying to make it bearable.

My Pins

My Pins allows you to pin anything you want to get quick access of quickly — Think of it as a Dashboard Pegboard. You go to a selected place you want pin, press the button and profit. This is useful because since the first update to the Metro look, many of people did not like how the Games Section took a back burner. My pins also works with the Internet Explorer app that is also included in this Update.

Account Security

if you lose your account info because of various reasons, Microsoft got your back. You can now authorize your account with an email and cell phone number to get everything right on track. This works…some of the time.  Wait for it.

What doesn’t Work

Account Security

I’m okay with this, I’m really am but this process seems very sluggish at times. I mainly have to manage two accounts (one for my Dad and one for Me) and at times, it wouldn’t even let me log in. I heard it got fixed up with the public patch now so this may be a minor gripe.

Internet Explorer

I know that on the show that I have talked down on Microsoft’s browser of choice but this isn’t about any of that. No, the main thing I got from this is why would Microsoft now put their internet browser now? We live in a age where laptops, Smart Phones and Tablets are now in arms reach to use if we need to look up something.

The other gripe is that when it comes to internet browsers on a game console, they don’t really cater to everything we do i.e. use Flash. The 360 already has most of the things like YouTube as an app to deal with that problem and then again we have tech that allows us to do just that. Don’t get me wrong, if you have a Gold Subscription, this is an okay browser to use if you need to check your email or show off a site to large group of people but you might forget it’s there.


Well, that’s most of the big features you will get when you update. There is two little things though. As much as I like Spotify, I doubt that it will make it to Game Consoles anytime soon. To fill that gap, there is Xbox Music which pretty much does the same things: You can listen to as much music as you want when you want with ads or for $10 monthly fee without ads. I haven’t tried this yet but I will update when I do.

The other thing it added was their first Free-To-Play game Happy Wars. It’s a MOBA type game with a very cute art style. It’s an online multiplayer in which the goal is to storm the other teams castle. You have your choice of  classes such as the magic using Mage, The Sword-wielding Warrior and the gadget making Cleric.

There is also an option to play with bots and go through a Single Player Campaign but this is best played online.  And I know I said it’s Free-to-play but it seems that the items you can buy are purely cosmetic which will let people worry about Pay-To-Win be at ease. If you have a Gold Account, download it as it is FREE and worth it.

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