Maxwell @ The Movies: Here Comes the Boom

Meet Scott Voss. He’s an uninspired and underemployed Biology teacher who — due to the downtrodden school system — has lost his spark for teaching; a spark he sees in music teacher Marty Streb, who finds himself in a very difficult position when the school decides to cease the funding on extra-curricular activities due to budget cuts. In an effort to try and save the program, Voss volunteers to raise the money necessary for Streb to keep his position by the end of the school semester; $48,000. At first, he has no idea on how to raise such an amount in such a short amount of time. Then one night, he runs across a UFC match and finds out that just losing a match rewards an individual up to $10,000 dollars.

That was when Scott knew what he had to do. Training with his night school student/defense coach Niko with the support of his school in his corner, Scott trains and fight throughout the school semester, while growing not just into a better fighter, but into a better teacher, a better friend, and into a better man in general.


I first saw the trailer for this film when I went to see “The Amazing Spider-Man.” I’m not gonna lie; at first, I thought this was going to be just another Kevin James/Happy Madison (Adam Sandler)-produced movie like “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” or “Grown-Ups.” Then I saw more of the trailer and saw that not only was the premise rather interesting, but I could see the point of the film and saw that it could be rather inspiring if the right person saw it who needed the motivation. So I took a friend of mine to go see the film after affirming months in advance that we would be going to see it, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

As stated before, the biggest fear I had was that the film was going to be along the lines of a typical Happy Madison Production, in which its sense of comedy would reflect that of “Little Nicky,” or “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.” However, what kept me optimistic that this film would be more appealing for the message it was trying to deliver was that the production company produced some rather thought-provoking and respectable titles, such as “Reign Over Me,” and even “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.” After seeing “Here Comes the Boom,” I can vouch that it is indeed like the latter. The humor the film produced was natural, and Kevin James‘ portrayal of Scott Voss made you want to root for the underdog. Salma Hayek played Bella Flores, the school nurse. I personally believe she could’ve added a bit more to the role; it was as if she was playing it safe as far as her overall performance and portrayal.

This was also the first movie I have seen with Bas Rutten in it, who himself is an MMA fighter. Given the fact that I’ve never seen any of his fights, I can only talk about his portrayal as Niko, which was pretty entertaining to say the least. He definitely helped Smith’s character pop out to me while also finding the worth Rutten’s character added to the movie in general. This even goes for the other secondary characters, such as the school principal portrayed by Greg Germann

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