Shadow Watches TV: CW’s Arrow

Eleven years ago the world was introduce to The Man of Steel while he was going through the trails and tribulations of becoming the man we all know today. And now we return to The CW with another DC hero’s origin story with a more darker tone but is it riding old grounds or does the CW have another hit on their hands?

Let me be the one to tell you that I watched all 10 seasons of Smallville when it came on air and I was excited to see the story of a young Clark Kent growing up with the powers he had. Yes, shit got strange (like bat-shit strange) around season 5 but it had heart and it stuck to it’s infamous “No Flight, No tights” rule up until the last episode. So, when I heard about a new series from the same guy that did Smallville based around the Green Arrow mythos, I was equal parts happy and confused.

The Confusing part came from the fact that they already introduced Green Arrow in Smallville around the sixth season (played by Justin Hartley) and now they were going to revisit again. I knew it was going to be interesting to see and I am here to report they done good.

Arrow starts off with Oliver Queen (now played by Stephen Amell) being saved after 5 years of being thought dead. His family and friends all sense that he is no longer the man he once was and they are all right to think that as Oliver has a goal to clean up the city to it’s former glory and right the wrongs of his family. By day, he is Playboy Oliver Queen and by Night he is Arrow.

So right off the back, you can tell they are going for a Chris Nolan tone that came from The Dark Knight series of films and it works. One of the reasons Green Arrow was introduced on Smallville was because Batman was off limits and that was their alternative and with this new story, you kinda get that feeling. It’s a lot more focused on a goal than with the former DC show: You know what Arrow is going to do and they won’t be holding back on him wearing his costume or name changes (I’m looking at you Red Blue Blur).

We also get a more humanized story with this DC hero — he has no powers to protect him, he’s coming back to a city that he now sees as corrupt that he feels he has to fix. I’m okay with the darker tone for a series like this but I am getting a little tired with the whole “A Dark tone to a classic” shtick that’s going around. It’s okay to be light.

Storywise, it did a rather good/bad job introducing characters with some either shout outs/foreshadowing to future events (who saw that mask at the beginning!?) that I am really looking forward to seeing. Good because we have world to build upon bad because there are so many faces and not a lot of development. Maybe in future episodes we will get that. Acting could be handled a little bit better. Amell does a okay job as Queen/Arrow but there still that new actor/new show feeling you get. Dialog is wooden at best but it’s a new show on the CW and I will give it time.

So far, I am okay with this series. It ended in a twist that will make me give it a chance.

Final Grade: Watch it

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