I hacked my Wii and I like it: Turning Nintendo’s System into a media player


If you own a Wii, more than likely it’s either collecting dust or you are using it to just watch Netflix. Oddly enough, your Wii can do  a lot more then it does now and all it takes are a few items you may have in the house.

From here on out, anything you do to your Nintendo Wii will VOID THE WARRANTY. If you care about that, don’t do it. 

Alright to start off you will need the follow things:

  • An SD card with at least 2 GB
  • Your Wii Mac Address
  • Your Computer/Laptop
  • A Wii


Head over to your Wii’s Options (the small Wii Circle on the bottom) then to System Settings. Press the plus button once and go to Internet and then MAC Address. Copy it down or leave your Wii on that screen

Step 2

If you have it on already, turn on your Computer and  head to please.hackmii.com. There, type in that MAC address that  you got and click “Cut the red wire”. A file should have downloaded.

Step 3

Insert the SD card into your computer (don’t worry if there is anything on there) and unzip the file that was downloaded from Letter Bomb and put the contents on the SD card. Remove the card as normal and put it in your Wii.

Step 4

With SD card inside the Wii, mead to the Message Board. You will be looking for a red envelope in your messages and if it’s not in today’s messages, don’t worry as it might either be in yesterday’s or even a few days before that. Once you find it (and you are ready) select the LetterBomb. You should be seeing a text then a menu.

Step 5

Install the Two things that are on there which is BootMii and The Homebrew channel. BootMii is used for back up but the real prize is The Homebrew Channel which will allow you to run apps ranging from a media player to emulators to even a twitter app.

For the most part, it remains empty till you install that stuff and doing that is a hassle BUT the shortcut to that is the Homebrew Browser. Think of it as a app center. You will need your SD card to put the files for it on the SD like you did with the letter bomb (making sure to delete the letter bomb files of course). Head to The Homebrew Channel and it will be there. I suggest MPlayer CE which will allow you to play any media files turning your Wii into a media player of sorts from either the SD card, media streams or USB devices. Keep in mind that you have to have your SD card in the Wii as all apps will be on there. For more info on Wii brew community head over to the Wiki .

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