Ziven @ The Movies: Hotel Transylvania

I wasn’t really planning on doing very much other than an impromptu review for this film, but after reading Maxwell’s review of Taken 2, I feel that my causal, vagabond and/or street rat style of review is probably not best suited for these things. There’s a standard here, so I’m going to try to make mine all fancy, too – though that may be hard for a kid’s flick.

Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for the count’s teen-aged daughter.

I love seeing children’s films, with all my heart, and if something fun comes out I’m usually in line to see it more so than I am action films or even romantic comedies. It’s hard to go wrong with a children’s films, and original films aimed at children are more likely to be satisfying and are less likely to leave me with the feeling that I’ve wasted my money.

That being said, Hotel Transylvania delivers; and I think that METABaron, who saw the flick with me, can back me up on that.

Because this is indeed a children’s film, the plot (stated above) is very simple and actually does encompass the majority of the film. Despite this, I thought that the movie did a good job of making itself stand out despite using some very familiar creature lore; fun twists are added that are easily acceptable and don’t at all stop the pace of the film. Dracula, one of the main characters, is a father; his best friends are Wayne, a werewolf with at least a dozen children; Frankenstein, who has a wife; Murray, the mummy and Griffin, the wisecracking Invisible Man. The opening itself does a good job of introducing the largest problem of the film, which is that Dracula is an overprotective father and isn’t willing to allow his daughter to leave and live out on her own.

I’m not going to bore you by going through the entire plot piece by piece (because, after all, this is a children’s film and the fun is, in fact, in seeing how a a film turns a standard plot on its head). but I’ll note a few things that made me giggle while I was watching: the fact that Dracula and his wife met and honeymooned in Hawaii, Rumpelstiltskin having a pet rat that he communes with regularly; Wayne and his noisy and very rambunctious children (only one of whom respects him); flying dinner tables; a lovely array of Twilight and Halloween jokes, Jonathan (the young human that falls for his daughter) fiddling with his cellphone in the middle of a creature filled party, and a rapping Dracula.

All in all, I’d encourage you to see this if you’ve got a younger sibling, cousin, or if you’re just like me and you love watching children’s films. You’re bound to have fun, actually enjoy the pop culture references, and could possibly make a game based on identifying the voice actors (feel free to click the link above if you really, really want to know)! Very fun, family friendly, and it delivers all that it promises. Have fun and feed the kid in you!


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