Orc assassination rogue running for State Senate!

I normally don’t bring up anything political unless need be it but this caught my eye. 

In Maine, Colleen Lachowicz is like any other candidate running for State Senate this year. She’s also a level 68 Orc assassination rogue in World of Warcraft that will cuss you out in a forum. Oh the scandal. 

In a press release on Thursday, the Maine GOP began an attack on Lachowicz’s double life as a WoW player in which she is known as Santiaga, an orc assassination rogue while she is running against incumbent state Sen. Tom Martin in south-central Maine. It not much of a secret though as Lachowicz blogs not only about her WoW achievements but also her left-wing politics on DailyKos.Com.

I bring this up because the tumblr post I got this from asked “should politicians be forced to maintain constant professionalism online or should the public forgive this sort of behavior?”

It does bring up something that people, unless they want to use it to make the other look bad, won’t touch on. Yes, if you are pedo and you are running for office, you should be punch in the baby maker repeatedly but something like being an avid player in a video game isn’t bad (as long as they get shit done). Hell, if I was living there I would be voting for her more because of that.

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments!

[Candidate slammed for World of Warcraft fandom — Politico]


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