Music Mondays at DSR: Find some new music to listen to

Happy Monday everyone! You know, I have the hardest time finding new music (it’s because most of my friends can be dicks and not tell me about anything..but that’s a rant for another day) and so when Ziven post these two links in the group page for new music services, I figure I would share them here.

Rage Chill

This is a really simple site to use and that’s where it wins. RageChill is a internet radio site liken to Pandora but with the ability to listen to songs that are either in the hyped up RAGE category or the moody, slow down CHILL category by sliding the nob to the right or left. Keep it in the middle and it will play a mix of both.

Clicking on the list of songs that play out allow you to share the songs to Facebook or Twitter, keep them in a collection to listen to them later, rate it and check out the source of the audio. For people that want this on the go, there is an iOS app for download as well. For people that don’t want to go through the hassle of listening to music and just want to listen to music, RageChill got you covered.

Find New Jams

Keeping up with the simple way, Find new Jams allows you to listen to songs that haven’t the the airwaves just yet. Everything you listen to on the site is brand new and if you find a song you like you can download it for free. You can go by genre or see what songs are popular at the moment. Signing up to use site allows you love a song by clicking on the heart but you don’t have to sign up in order to use the site.

There you have it, two sites where you can listen to new music on the fly without the hassle. Is there a new song you found on the site or is there a web site/service you favorite that I didn’t talk about? Sound off in the comments bellow!

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