Get awarded discounts for getting XBL Achievements!

All you Achievement Whores (like myself) REJOICE!

Microsoft has finally let out the cage their secret way of getting stuff via Xbox Live Rewards and the achievements you get while playing a game. There really isn’t a funny sounding name to this and it’s an extension of their Xbox Live Rewards service (which, if you haven’t, NEED TO DO. YOU GET FREE POINTS FOR DOING SHIT).

The skinny is this: Get your gamer score to 3000 – 9999 and you get a “Special Gift” (worth $0.25) on your birthday month. Get to the second level of a gamer score of 10000 – 24999 will net you a gift on your birthday month and “1% Rebate on your Xbox LIVE Marketplace purchases EVERY MONTH”. The final tier will be unlocked if you can get your gamer score to 25000+ that will get you the gift on the month of your birth and “2% Rebate on your Xbox LIVE Marketplace purchases EVERY MONTH”.

Alright, so it wasn’t what I thought it would be (which was get Achievement, get points at the end of the month.) but discounts are also awesome — Games on Demand, Arcade Games, Game Add-ons and Avatar items really do add up after a while. By the way, those things I list only count for this and not Microsoft Points/ Renewals of Service. Remember, you have to be signed up for XBL Rewards AND have XBL Gold at the point of sign up of the service.

Maybe they will add more goodies one day. Check out the link below for more details.


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