Toonami Extended to 6 hours, Adds Two more shows.

The revived Toonami is getting a little bit bigger. Starting Oct. 6, Toonami will now be midnight to 8am without any repeats. Not only that, THREE shows will make their debut on late-night Saturday block:  SYM-BIONIC TITAN, the remake of THUNDERCATS and COWBOY BEBOP.

Jason DeMarco, VP of strategic marketing for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim (who revealed all of this from his twitter) also said,

‘m happy to announce that we will also be running the great SYM-BIONIC TITAN, and also the great new THUNDERCATS! Also, BEBOP will make it’s return, running from 5a-6a. Finally, this Saturday we’ll start running a new lineup spot that gives you the whole rundown, which will air every night for a whole. Hope this news makes you guys as happy…

We’ve wanted those shows since the beginning. I think Sym-Bionic is Genndy’s best work. Just took a little paperwork For anyone thinking Sym-bionic is not “mature enough,” watch this scene: … This is advanced storytelling. Genius.

I watched one episode of Sym-Bionic and I wanted to watch more of it but CN took it off the air. I also watched Thundercats which was alright up to a point but I wonder if they are going to continue the series.

Added insentive for you guys to check out Sym-Bionic Titan: IT’S FROM THE SAME GUY WHO MADE SAMURAI JACK. YES!

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